Bel Digital Audio

Bel Digital Group launches new AMUs

Bel Digital has announced the launch of two new four-channel AMUs (audio monitoring units), which are the beginning of a new range that brings Bel’s cost-effective four-channel monitoring units right up to date.
The products feature a variety of connections for all broadcast applications. These include:

    • Two auto sensing SDI inputs SD/HD/3G, with a dedicated switchable SDI output to provide a feed to an external video monitor. Thus negating the need for using external SDI switches.
    • Two AES3-id pair inputs (four channels)
    • Four XLR balanced analogue inputs
    • XLR L-R analogue monitor outputs, following speaker selection
    • Two AES3-id pair outputs (four channels follow the source selected on the bargraph meters allowing, for example, an SDI group to be de-embedded)

Both units feature Bel’s intuitive front panel designs and come in a space-saving 200 mm depth chassis, enabling the monitors to be easily mounted in OB vehicles. Housed in a 1U 19” rack mount unit, the BM-A1-4SHD features a three-speaker system providing audible reproduction of impressive clarity. The BM-AV2-4SHD is housed in a 2U 19″ rack mount unit and comes with a five inch video monitor and 52 segment LED bargraph meters.


Bel Digital BM-A1-4SHD Bel Digital BM-AV2-4SHD