LYNX Technik Launches 4K Fiber Transmission Set @ IBC 2014

LYNX Technik yellobrik 4K Transmission Set


The yellobrik 4K transmission set (models: OTX / ORX 1441) supports the transport of 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals over a single fiber link. With this 4K solution, uncompressed 12G is a reality. The set includes a fiber transmitter, a fiber receiver, and two power supplies.

This 4K solution set supports uncompressed HD video at full 3840×2160 50/59.94/60 Hz with zero delay, and is ideal for the transmission of multiple uncompressed SDI streams over long distances up to 20 kilometers (12 miles).

These modules also transparently transport audio and metadata information embedded in the SDI signal.

The units are housed in the traditional rugged yellobrik casing, featuring all instructions neatly printed on the outside of each module for ease of use and functionality. For larger system installations, the 4K transmitter and receiver set can be mounted in the yellobrik RFR 1018 rack frame. The yellobrik 4K Transmission Set will be on show at the LYNX Technik IBC 2014 stand 8.C70.

Motama adds ad-replacement, HEVC, Dolby Digital Plus, subtitling and geo-blocking to its server suite.

At this year’s IBC, Motama will introduce its new product AdCaster. AdCaster enables regional and targeted adverts for live TV services, either as full replacement or for augmenting the original content. AdCaster supports IPTV multicast as well as Internet / Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming.

Motama will showcase HEVC support for its product line of transcoders CodecCaster. A demonstration of live transcoding will show the differences in quality and bitrate of AVC/H.264 vs. the new HEVC/H.265 codec. In addition, all Motama transcoders are now Dolby certified. This allows for converting high-quality live streams with Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus audio to AAC format, which is a major requirement for reducing the bandwidth requirements and for adaptive streaming protocols.

Motama will also showcase support for subtitles for Internet/OTT streaming, which allows service providers to fulfill the legal requirements for subtitling. Motama’s approach for adding subtitles to the actual content directly offers 100% compatibility for all existing devices.

Motama’s product line for Internet/OTT streaming, PolyCaster, now supports many new features. IP filtering and geo-blocking enables access control for providers of live streams. User authentication allows for protecting and monetizing content.

AVT releases Go series

Simple & smart: The new Go Telephone Hybrids


MAGIC TH1potsGo with PhoneUser-friendly, high quality and many features: The new MAGIC TH1 Go Telephone Hybrids are simple and smart. Just plug and play. The highlight: the complete operation can be done via a connected POTS telephone with the quickdial keys.

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LYNX Technik Launches Testor™ |lite 3G, Hand-Held Test Signal Generator

LYNX Technik AG is launching its new Testor™ | lite 3G, a cost-effective, compact, hand held multi-format test signal generator with local touch-screen control.

Lynx Testor Lite 3G



Testor | lite 3G is a compact SDI video and audio test generator designed to address a multitude of test and verification needs in modern digital infrastructures. The large color touch-screen provides a simple, intuitive user interface and the integrated rechargeable battery will provide for up to 4 hours of continuous use.

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