AVT@IBC 2016 – Telephone Hybrids with Ember+, DHD SetLogic and Dante

Just in time for IBC AVT introduces some new features for the MAGIC Telephone Hybrids. The MAGIC THipPro Talkshow System supports with the next software release the Ember+ protocol, which can be used e.g. for the communication with Lawo or DHD mixing consoles. With Ember+ control commands can be easily exchanged via IP or it can be used for signaling a line status.

Additionally, up to 32 DHD SetLogic commands can be programmed which allow an easy communication between the MAGIC THipPro and DHD mixing consoles.

Both Ember+ and the DHD SetLogic commands will be also available for the MAGIC TH2plus and MAGIC TH6 Telephone Hybrids mid of October.

Especially for the MAGIC THipPro VoIP Telephone Hybrids a Dante module is optionally now available. It offers up to 32 Audio inputs/outputs which can be routed via the IP network to mixing console which also support the Dante protocol or the AES67 standard.

AVT is presenting the new features live on booth E76 in hall 8 at the IBC in Amsterdam. Furthermore, the new Dual IP Audio Codec MAGIC ACip3 and the MAGIC TBR Tunnel Break-in System for DAB are on display.

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Phabrix to demonstrate 2022-6 support at IBC 2016

At IBC 2016 Phabrix will demonstrate 2022-6 support on its newly released Qx platform.


PHABRIX Qx for UHDTV T&M - 2022-6


PHABRIX will be demonstrating its new Qx technology in Hall 10 B12 designed for compliance test and measurement of UHDTV1/4K and UHDTV2/8K formats. Unique to PHABRIX the Qx has RTE – the company’s trade marked ‘real time eye’ technology which enables physical layer analysis on its multi rate SDI inputs from HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI to 12G-SDI. The Qx is available with a dedicated toolset for broadcasters and broadcast manufacturers to analyse and importantly generate UHDTV formats simultaneously including cinematic, two sample interleave and square division formats. The Qx is also a ‘Hybrid’ product enabling customers to test SMPTE 2022-6 uncompressed video over IP via its twin 10GE inputs/outputs.

The PHABRIX Rx rack mount series will be demonstrating V9.04 software providing additional features to a very comprehensive list including ancillary line detect, closed caption, advanced loudness and audio enhancements – all in one cost effective single instrument. As a combined video and audio toolset for QC, broadcast engineering bays and OB, this versatile modular product range consisting of the Rx2000, Rx 1000 and Rx 500 each with its 1920 x 1080 rasterized multi instrument display, is proving increasingly popular for T&M across the industry.

PHABRIX is also demonstrating its range of hand held test and measurement instruments. Each supports a combined generation, analyser and monitoring toolset. The PHABRIX SxE with eye and jitter functionality continues to impress along with its support for video and audio at SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI support. The latest addition to the range the TAG now offers SFP support and a choice of copper, optical and HDMI SFP’s which can be purchased separately. With the release of version v1.4 at the show, the TAG also supports an HDMI EDID viewer and HDMI generation capability.

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LYNX greenMachine, something incredible, coming at IBC !

Discover the greenMachine during IBC booth 8.C70 !

LYNX greenMachine coming soon

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Dawson launches a Ka Sat Flyaway antenna system !

Dawson launches a brand new Flyaway antenna system !

Dawson has taken all the manufacturing expertise and technology from their vehicle mounted antenna, with the added convenience of a flyaway – ‘go anywhere’ solution .

The SC- Zero 70K EVO can offer you all the advantages of the rapid auto point software, and the assurance of full TooWay and NewsSpotter compatibility , but with a distinct advantage …

Dawson Flyaway

The flyaway solution gives you the flexibility to take Dawson antenna to the most challenging of environments.

Compactly packaged in 3 bespoke and robust flight cases, the system can be easily deployed as baggage or carried in the boot of a car.

More importantly it gives you the freedom to broadcast from locations where a vehicle just can’t go or to take it to the roof of a building in a built up area!

So now KA-Sat knows no limits!

Check the datasheet here.

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LYNX Technik Debuts yellobrik MADI Fiber to MADI Coax Converters

Lynx announced the launch of its three new MADI fiber optical to MADI coaxial converters & transceivers at NAB 2016

yellobrik - MADI fiber converter - OBD1210

MADI (Multichannel Audio Digital Interface) is a bi-directional protocol that transmits multi-channel audio over coax or fiber optic lines. MADI is commonly used on today’s digital multi-track recorders, digital live sound mixers, and digital performance systems that utilize multi-track technology.

LYNX Technik’s three new yellobriks for MADI allow for the transmission and extension of audio over long distances. They perform very long cable runs in real-time with zero degradation of signal quality – up to 10 Km (6.2 miles) with the standard fiber models, and up to 40 Km (24.8 miles) with the CWDM fiber model.

These compact and cost-effective modules are designed to convert up to 64 audio channels bidirectionally (64 IN and 64 OUT) between MADI Optical and MADI Coaxial (electrical) formats.

The three new models include:
– Bi-Directional MADI Optical to Coax Converter / Transceiver Pair (Model No. OBD 1210)
– MADI Optical to Coax Converter Transceiver that combines a fiber transmitter and receiver in a single package (Model No. OTR 1210 / OTR 1210 MM – multi-mode)
– MADI Optical to Coax Converter / Transceiver for CWDM wavelengths (Model No. OTR 1240)

As with all yellobrik’s these modules are hot swappable and rack mountable on the yellobrik RFR 1000 1RI rack frame.

The new yellobrik MADI fiber to coax converters are available now.

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Phabrix Qx quick overview

PHABRIX announced at NAB that it was now shipping its new platform for UHDTV – the Qx for test and measurement. Focussed on compliance verification for UHDTV1/4K and UHDTV2/8K standards made the Qx a must see for many manufacturers of products requiring both an analysis and generation toolset essential for product testing at these new high bandwidth standards.


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New Frame Synchronizer from yellobrik !

The yellobrik PVD 1800 is a broadcast quality compact 3Gbit SDI Frame Synchronizer for professional applications in Broadcast, Post Production and Pro A/V markets.

The PVD 1800 features multiformat support for SDI formats up to 3Gbit/s with optional fiber optic I/O which can be configured to automatically switch between the electrical and optical input if a signal loss is detected.

yellobrik 3Gbit SDI Frame Synchronizer PVD1800

Video processing utilizes robust “flywheel” synchronization that will accommodate a wide variety of low quality asynchronous SDI sources. All embedded audio is extracted and delayed automatically to match the video processing delay. Audio is free from disturbances even when dropping and adding frames. The module also provides up to 30 frames of programmable output delay, adjustable in frames, lines and pixels.


Click to view the PVD1800 data sheet

New release of Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App !

Dejero has announced a new release of its LIVE+ Mobile App, designed to empower mobile journalists (MoJos) and video contributors to broadcast live from virtually anywhere using their smartphones or tablets. The latest LIVE+ Mobile App by Dejero includes enhancements that give advanced users greater control when broadcasting live or recording video for later use, including an exposure and focus lock feature and a simplified on-screen zoom capability.

“With the rise of mobile journalism as a means for broadcasters to supplement their newsgathering, Dejero’s LIVE+ Mobile App enables them to cover stories immediately from locations that might be inaccessible or impractical for a traditional news crew,” said Brian Cram, CEO of Dejero. “Users are very passionate about Dejero’s products and frequently comment and post photos on social media of their use in the field. In fact, it was through social media that we received the feedback leading to these new enhancements, a perfect example of how our ongoing product development draws upon the evolving needs and requirements of our users.”Dejero LIVE+ app

The new automatic exposure and automatic focus (AE/AF) lock feature delivers more advanced control for situations in which automatic adjustments are not always ideal, such as challenging lighting situations or when there is movement within the frame. Now, by tapping and holding onto a specific area within the frame, users can choose what to lock the focus on, as well as manually adjust and lock the exposure level. This prevents the camera from automatically refocusing and adjusting the exposure, which can be distracting for viewers, and it also keeps the focus and exposure constant when the user is reframing the scene. In addition, the new on-screen zoom bar enables users to zoom in and out on the subject with a simple sliding motion.

Dejero’s LIVE+ Mobile App is ideal for covering breaking news, impromptu interviews, and live events, and it provides an excellent backup system if the primary camera or transmitter fails. Users can capture high-quality live video (up to 1080p) from virtually anywhere, record video for later broadcast, or import and upload edited video files to designated servers when traditional broadcast equipment is not at the scene. Because the app is extremely easy to use, it can be deployed by news organizations to every person in the operation, giving even non-news professionals the ability to broadcast from the scene of any breaking news they might happen upon.

The LIVE+ Mobile App for iOS is now available for free download from the Apple App Store. A license is required to send live feeds and recorded or edited files to server destinations.

PHABRIX Qx wins Best of Show award at IBC 2015

Best of Show TVBEurope for PHABRIX Qx at IBC 2015

Designed as a complete solution for testing the new UHDTV formats, the PHABRIX Qx features the very latest FPGA technology. The key differentiator of this new instrument is its ability to provide generation and analysis tools on signals with up to 48Gbps payloads offering both video and audio support.

notélé chooses Dejero LIVE + mobile app for its journalists.

Tournai, Belgium – 4th September 2015

notélé, a Belgian local broadcaster equips its journalists with the Dejero LIVE+ Mobile app.

notélé has installed the application Dejero LIVE + Mobile app on its journalists’ smartphones. LIVE+ Mobile App is an iOS application developed by the Canadian company Dejero which allows live video broadcasting from almost anywhere. The application is designed for journalists and is ideal for covering breaking news, interviews and unexpected live events.

We were attracted by the quality of video transmission and functionality of the application. Our journalists do not need training and can start a live transmission by the push of a button of the LIVE+ Mobile App. ” Stany Tevesz – Technical Director notélé.

LIVE+ Mobile appWith the help of a smartphone or tablet and the LIVE+ Mobile app, Broadcasters may dramatically increase the number of video sources and start broadcasting live in seconds. Dejero simplifies the capture, transmission, management, and live streaming of high quality video via a set of technical means consisting of transmitters, software, virtualized tools and broadcast servers.

This platform manages and aggregates the signal via multiple connections (3G / 4G / LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet or satellite) to provide the best image quality while the transmitters are set up very quickly and are easy to use.

On the infrastructure side, notélé can at any time see the availability of sources via the Dejero Live+ Platform. notélé has a broadcast server enabling them to broadcast two lives simultaneously.

We wanted to invest in a system that could evolve in the future. The fact that in addition to the iOS app, Dejero brings together under one interface a set of broadcast solutions such as suitcase or Eng camera modules sealed our choice. ” Continues Stany Tevesz – Technical Director notélé.

Notélé is a local broadcaster available via Proximus and VOO, active in the Wallonie Picarde region. This region represents the crossroads between Lille and Brussels, and between Kortrijk and Mons. notélé covers 23 towns from Comines to Enghien, via Mouscron, Tournai, Ath, Lessines, and from Mont de l’Enclus to Bernissart. This concerns 350,000 potential viewers.

Dejero is distributed in Belgium and Luxembourg by TEVIOS – Broadcast & Telecom Solutions.
TEVIOS helps companies active in the Broadcast, Telecom and Media sector with a portfolio of innovative solutions and cutting edge technology, helping them to meet their current high requirements and specificities.