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Through careful research, LanSee designs and manufactures high quality electronic systems in France.

LanSee currently provides the following solution:

  • P Fiber U

P Fiber U

Fiber Optic Extender for UHD PTZ Cameras

The P Fiber U is a fiber optic extender that controls most PTZ cameras. With a single hybrid fiber optic cable (SMPTE), the base unit (P Fiber U BU) can be up to 200 meters away.

The P Fiber U simultaneously supports one 3G SDI and one 12G SDI video stream. It features a 10/100/1000 Ethernet link in half or full duplex (2 RJ45 ports available). The camera is powered with POE++ technology. Additionally, the P Fiber U offers Genlock (Black-Burst or Tri-level) uplink.

The compact and robust housing features a black, anti-reflective finish and is equipped with handles that protect all connectors. Mounting is secure and stable thanks to an M10 standard thread on the lateral side.


Additional Features:

  • NO2-4FDWA OpticalCon Neutrik fiber connector
  • Power : 48 volts DC (Hybrid fiber cable or local DC input)
  • 2 year warranty

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