World’s Best NDI Tools

NDI® by BirdDog enables systems, devices and applications to connect and communicate over IP in order to share video, audio and data.

It preserves visual quality, frame accuracy and course synchronization. High quality imagery is achieved with full 16bpp video color depth support. Additionally, audio requirements support 48kHz, 96kHz and beyond using 16, 32, and 64 channels. It interoperates with SDI and SMPTE ST 2110 among other standards, enabling mixing of all types of video delivery methods.

A variety of BirdDog’s NDI solutions exist:


Studio NDI

Focused on flexibility, Studio NDI functions as both an NDI Encoder and NDI Decoder. It’s capable of encoding resolutions up to 1080p60 SDI and HDMI to NDI, as well as decoding NDI resolutions up to 1080p60 to SDI or HDMI. The aluminum case houses BirdDog’s custom NDI silicon chip and features a built in cross converter, active loop outs, audio intercom system, dual NDI encoding, NDI tally system and PoE. Studio NDI is compatible with Comms and Central Apps by BirdDog.



The entry point into NDI Encoding and Decoding, the BirdDog Mini is the world’s smallest NDI Encoder & Decoder. It features HDMI inputs and outputs, active loop outs, audio intercom system, NDI tally system and PoE. The Mini hardware only uses Full YUV422 NDI. Like most solutions, it is compatible with BirdDog’s Comms and Central Apps.


4K Family

The 4K Family is built around BirdDog’s custom NDI silicon chip. They feature 12 G SDI and HDMI 2.0 inputs/outputs. There is a built-in cross converter, as well as industry standard SFP+ for 10GbE and long range.

Active loop outs, audio intercom system, NDI tally system, and PoE are also part of the 4K Family solution. As is the case with most BirdDog products, the 4K Family is compatible with BirdDog’s Comms Pro and Central Pro apps.

BirdDog offers three different models:

4K HDMI : 1 HDMI 2.0 Input + 1 HDMI 2.0 Ouptut + 1 x 12G SDI Output

4K 12G SDI : 1 HDMI 2.0 Output + 1 x 12G SDI Input + 1 x 12G SDI Output

4K QUAD : 1 HDMI 2.0 Output + 4 x 12G SDI Input/Output


Flex 4K Family

Flex 4K Family by BirdDog is among the smallest 4K NDI encoders and decoders available on the market. With three distinct models, these one cable solutions offer tally, audio, video, PTZ control, audio intercom and power along a single Ethernet cable. Flex Family is compatible with any PTZ camera via HDMI, not just a BirdDog model. And it comes with free Central Lite NDI Routing software and Comms Lite.

The Flex 4K IN and Flex 4K BACKPACK provide 15W of extra power. This means the DC output is capable of powering a monitor, recorder and/or camera. In addition to the 15W power output, Flex BACKPACK offers an NP style battery connection. This camera top monitor recorder upgrade allows users to encode NDI, power the monitor and record simultaneously. The third model, Flex 4K NDI, provides unparalleled thermal design plus quiet fans.

BirdDog offers three different models:

Flex 4K IN


Flex 4K NDI

BirdDog_Flex 4K Family_encoderdecoder_TEVIOS

PTZ Range

Eyes P200

Eyes P200 is a full NDI production camera combining the power of BirdDog’s custom NDI silicon chip with a Sony CMOS backlit sensor and a Sony image module. It has frame rates of up to 1080p60, 30x optical zoom and independent, live triple outputs in SDI, HDMI and full NDI.


Eyes P400

Eyes P400 is a full NDI production 4K camera combining the power of BirdDog’s custom NDI silicon chip with a 4K Sony 1 / 2.5 inch CMOS 8.5MP backlit sensor and a Sony image module. It has frame rates of up to 4Kp60, 20x optical zoom and independent, live triple outputs in SDI, HDMI and full NDI.



P4K is a high quality, full NDI PTZ camera featuring a 1” Sony Exmor R CMOS back lit Sensor. Thanks to its 14.4 million effective pixels, this camera produces stunning images in 4K. Not only that, but P4K offers advanced color controls. For instance, it features user selectable gamma settings and black gamma adjustment for flexible fine tuning. Additional features include two 6G SDI outputs, one HDMI 2.0 output, Genlock, an adaptive bit rate and PoE.


Eyes A200

The A200 is a weatherproof (IP67), full NDI PTZ camera designed for outdoor installations. It couples BirdDog’s NDI silicon chip with a Sony CMOS backlit sensor and image module, to create a camera with quick auto focus, astonishingly sharp images, and an incredibly fast zoom. Its frame rates are up to 1080p60. Additional features include 30x optical zoom and simultaneous SDI and full NDI outputs.

Eyes A300

Like the A200, the A300 full NDI PTZ camera is designed with inclement weather in mind. The external components are treated for corrosion resistance against salt spray and can operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C. It also features an incredible Wind Load Durability rating equal to 60m/s. Thanks to the nitrogen filled housing, the lens won’t fog up. It includes a Sony CMOS backlit sensor and image module plus dual output NDI and SDI.


PTZ Keyboard

Through next generation NDI and IP technology, the PTZ Keyboard allows for universal control through mix and match protocols. A full featured PTZ keyboard, it supports NDI, NDIIHX, Visca over IP, RS422 & RS232 and offers Power over Ethernet. This keyboard is available for the P200 and is designed to control up to 255 PTZ cameras on a single network.



This NDI remote delivery and management software allows for distribution of NDI content to anywhere in the world. Utilizing SRT, Cloud offers 128/256 bit AES encryption to ensure secure streams over the public internet. Plus SRT video transport protocol ensures reliable streams, even over lossy networks. Cloud integrates with all BirdDog software and hardware solutions.


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