Dawson Ka Flyaway

Dawson launches a Ka Sat Flyaway antenna system !

Dawson launches a brand new Flyaway antenna system !

Dawson has taken all the manufacturing expertise and technology from their vehicle mounted antenna, with the added convenience of a flyaway – ‘go anywhere’ solution .

The SC- Zero 70K EVO can offer you all the advantages of the rapid auto point software, and the assurance of full TooWay and NewsSpotter compatibility , but with a distinct advantage …

Dawson Flyaway

The flyaway solution gives you the flexibility to take Dawson antenna to the most challenging of environments.

Compactly packaged in 3 bespoke and robust flight cases, the system can be easily deployed as baggage or carried in the boot of a car.

More importantly it gives you the freedom to broadcast from locations where a vehicle just can’t go or to take it to the roof of a building in a built up area!

So now KA-Sat knows no limits!

Check the datasheet here.

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