Live Broadcasting over Internet

Intinor develops high quality video and audio broadcast solutions over internet. Their products, which include their Direkt Series, are easy-to-use, mobile, robust, reliable and quiet.

As an independent company, Intinor’s specialty is in all types of audio and video transfers over IP networks.

Intinor provides various models of the following solutions:


Direkt link

Direkt links by Intinor are used for high quality live broadcast over the internet or other IP networks. They are designed to send video streams to a variety of different receivers. Because a range of adaptable models is available, Direkt link is flexible and versatile.

Not only that, but the Direkt link is simple to use as well. First of all, video from a camera or video mixer is connected to the Direkt link. Next, the compressed video streams are broadcast to one or multiple receivers. The display and keypad on the encoder make configuration adjustments easy. Additionally, the Direkt link can record a broadcast to be used at a later time such as on-demand video or file based productions.

Various models include:

  • NDI Rack
  • 300 Rack & 400 Rack
  • 400 Rack+  
  • 500 Mobile & 600 Mobile

Lastly, a backpack version is available for the 500 and 600 series.


Direkt receiver

The Direkt receiver inputs video streams over various protocols and output on SDI. Easily configure this robust receiver from the keypad and web interface. In order to simplify troubleshooting, Intinor’s statistics and supervision system, ISS, is included.


Direkt router

The Direkt router rack buffers and redistributes compressed video over IP networks. It has various purposes including connecting video links, changing IP streams between unicast and multicast, and adding or removing error correction.

Like the Direkt receiver, the router is easy to configure and includes ISS. Moreover, the Direkt router has no limitations: no data volume cost, no bandwidth limitations, and zero OPEX.

Single and multichannel versions are available, as are lite, studio and rack models.


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