Media Links

Media over IP Transport Technology

Media Links provides scalable edge, core, and software control solutions for Media over IP content transport applications. Solutions are specifically designed to support interoperable industry standards while providing a bridge from SDI to IP infrastructure.

Media Links offers Media over IP transport and Modular IP Media Gateway solutions:


Media over IP Transport

Xscend: IP Media Platform

Xscend, the all new ultra-dense, ultra-versatile 2RU IP Media Platform is capable of transporting up to 128 contribution quality media and data services across all types of IP networks. This platform meets the needs of migration from SDI-to-IP and IP-to-IP environments along with high density, low latency remote/distributed production applications.

Key features include:

  • Transport widest/densest variety of contribution-quality media across managed and unmanaged networks
  • Ground to Cloud (SDI to ST 2110 / TR-08)
  • Long distance or Local/Metro Contribution Networks
  • Remote/Distributed Production from any location
  • Expanded SFN Networks with PTP synchronization
  • SDI to ST 2110 Conversion/Gateway for In-Studio Applications

Xscend takes ST 2110, 4K/UHD, RIST, JPEG-XS, HDR, SRT, HEVC, and 25G Hitless Data and rolls it into one.


IP Media Gateways


The MDP3020 MAX, now supporting 4K video transport, is SMPTE standards-based and enhanced with support for two 4K-UHD/12G SDI video channels. It meets the need for cost effective, remotely configurable and protected 4K video over IP services at the network edge. By applying JPEG-XS compression and encapsulating the content into packets for transport over an IP network, it processes incoming 4K, 12G SDI video/audio streams.

Use the MDP3020 in various configurations: separately or in combination thanks to its multichannel capability. For:

  • Contribution applications, as an IP media gateway (encoder)
  • Distribution applications, as a remote video playout device (decoder)
  • Point-to-Point local video and distribution applications, when used in pairs (encoder to decoder)
  • IP distribution of digital television broadcast signals

MDP3020 SFN: Single Frequency Networks

The MDP3020 SFN IP media gateway is designed for IP distribution of digital television broadcast signals across Single Frequency Networks. Its support of Precision Timing protocol enables transport of a synchronous time base without reliance on costly satellite receiver.

The SFN version carries PTP (IEEE1588 V2) synchronized packets via terrestrial IP networks as an alternative to conventional GPS receivers. Additional features include onboard redundancy, full scale network management support, and, if necessary, the ability to easily scale with additional transmitters (and therefore network size).


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