Global Video Assurance

Providius creates specialty software for media and entertainment companies. They engineer solutions for the global broadcast market that include video-flow facility infrastructure, multi-screen transmission, LAN/WAN high-speed transport, and multi-service visualization.

Providius currently provides 2 main software solutions:

  • Broadcast Monitoring Gateway (BMG)
  • Network Visualization & Realtime Telemetry Dashboard (NVRT)

Broadcast Monitoring Gateway

BMG Media Stream Analyzer

This high density analysis platform is the 24/7 eyes & ears of both video service and delivery network.

Acquire, decode, and analyze a wide variety of media flows across multiple high-capacity IP interfaces (up to 100Gb/s) including:

  • Uncompressed Production Formats SMPTE 2110 (all parts), 2022-6/-7
  • Compressed Formats MPEG-2 TS, H.264, HEVC, JXS, NDI*
  • Audio Formats MP1-L1, AAC, HE-AAC, A-52, AES67, RAVENNA
  • OTT/ABR Formats HLS

As Providius explains, the BMG “incorporates the essential analysis and decoding processing necessary to alert the operation tiers of service and packet transport related impairments for production, linear and adaptive bitrate (ABR) defined services.” Packets are processed for service compliance while analyzing the conditions of the delivery network. This dual-focused analysis approach provides a clear demarcation between video delivery and video processing. It drastically reduces the mean time to repair (MTTR), eliminating finger-pointing between transport and processing departments.

Features & Benefits

  • Precision software analysis
  • Monitor multiple media types simultaneously
  • Monitoring by exception & mosaic
  • Runs of COTS/VM compute platforms
  • Remote access client stations
  • Control system integration / NMOS

Network Visualization & Realtime Telemetry Dashboard

NVRT Vendor Agnostic Enterprise Software Suite

NVRT is a vendor agnostic enterprise software suite that provides full network and media visibility across an all-IP, or hybrid IP-SDI, LAN/WAN broadcast infrastructure.

It combines network telemetry and deep media packet inspection on a single display, allowing users to:

  • Discover what’s connected/disconnected from the network in realtime
  • Trace a media / PTP flow across the network
  • Confirm media flows are accurately routed on the switch
  • Track bandwidth utilization and flow metrics
  • Represent network routes as an XY matrix
  • Confirm PTP is locked where expected
  • Differentiate between a stream issue and a networking issue

Based on Linux, this software-defined networking solution incorporates a powerful and robust database in order to document and rapidly search any aspect of the operation. The system automatically interrogates live and dormant path connections, creating the most intuitive and data-rich presentation layers of a COTS-hybrid infrastructure.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight software for VM / bare-metal with multi-client seat dashboards
  • Auto Discovery of network assets & auto-mapping topology in realtime
  • Frequently used with Cisco, Arista, Netgear* and Aruba* networks

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