New 12G SDI Audio Embedders/De-Embedders by LYNX

LYNX recently released two 12G SDI Audio Embedders/De-Embedders: PDM 1484 B (BNC audio connection) for unbalanced AES audio and PDM 1484 D (D-sub audio connection) for balanced AES and Analog audio.

These new yellobriks are perfect for applications requiring multi-channel audio handling. They embed or de-embed digital AES or Analog audio within any SDI video stream up to 12G.



  • 12G / 6G / 3G / HD-SDI and SD-SDI
  • Simultaneous embedding & de-embedding functions
  • Access to four audio groups (16 channels)
  • “Auto-black” generation mode: transport audio signals only, without an external video carrier
  • “Bidirectional Master/Slave” functionality
  • CWDM multiplex capability
  • Cascade or rack modules together to include more or extract audio groups from the video stream

Both PDM 1484 B and D support fiber I/O options, including 3G/12G-SDI standard plug-in SFP fiber transmitters, receivers, and transceivers. Plus, all 18 wavelength channels of CWDM are supported with dedicated SFPs.

Read the full datasheets: PDM1484-B & PDM1484-D

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NEW AVT Scalable Telephone Hybrid & Audio Codec Software Solution

The new MAGIC Server by AVT expands their telephone hybrid portfolio with a scalable, software-based telephone hybrid & audio codec server.

AVT_MAGICServer_ software-solution_Dashboard_TEVIOS

With MAGIC Server, MAGIC telephone hybrids and audio codecs are available as a centralized, scalable software solution. As AVT explains: “The integration supports all functionalities of the hardware system and integrates MAGIC Collaboration Services for MS Teams and WebRTC connectivity which were introduced at IBC 2022.”

In addition to the MAGIC Server Software, just a regular server or VM is required.

Two versions of MAGIC Server will be available:

MAGIC Server Basic

  • 1-8 VoIP telephone channels
  • 1-8 web operating clients
  • 1-2 studios

Integrate two stereo Audio Codecs and Collaboration Services such as WebRTC or MS Teams for high-quality audio and video transmissions. This makes two lines OPUS-, PCM-, WebRTC– and MS Teams-capable.

MAGIC Server Professional

  • 8 to 96 VoIP telephone hybrid channels
  • 24 studios with 48 application-specific web control clients
  • 48 recording booths (News Desks) for telephone interviews
  • 6 Intercom groups for communication with correspondents or remote stations

Use up to 24 channels for high-quality stereo audio transmissions (OPUS, PCM), and add 48 audio or 24 audio/video WebRTC / MS Teams collaboration services.

In other words, MAGIC Server Professional makes it easy to expand the system whenever necessary.

Witness this scalable telephone hybrid & audio codec software solution firsthand at IBC 2023, stand 8.F76.

View the AVT Catalogue to see various applications for MAGIC Server.

Contact us to schedule a meeting (TEVIOS stand 10.D31d) during IBC.

Nixer Highlights RP64 Audio over IP Digital ‘Patch’ Panel

The Nixer RP64 is a 64 input to 64 output digital Audio over IP ‘patch’ panel! It’s available in 3 configurations.

Connect any input to any output thanks to the intuitive interface. This facilitates a simple, rapid re-patching of critical signals without using an external computer and without suffering the inherent delays this brings.


One application for the RP64 would be the ability to quickly route audio to a back up device in the event of equipment failure.

Key features

  • Rapidly & intuitively route critical signals
  • Dante and Ravenna versions available
  • 64 inputs, 64 outputs (@ 48kHz)
  • No external laptop and complicated software patching
  • Near instantaneous audio switching

Contact us for more information about the Nixer RP64 AoIP digital patch panel.

Digital Audio Broadcasting • DAB/DAB+ • Solutions by AVT

The digital broadcast technology DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) broadband system allows users to transmit several programmes from one or more programme provider in one Ensemble.

AVT manufactures a variety of DAB systems, offering complete solutions for DAB headends.

Digital Audio Broadcasting, the successor of analogue radio, has significant advantages including: efficient distribution options, various data services such as SlideShow for album covers, SPI(EPG), TPEG for extended traffic information etc., and noise-free audio programs.

Create 15-20 audio programmes by multiplexing a single frequency within an ensemble. Install hardware-based DAB/DAB+ Audio Encoders separately and directly from the program providers. Achieve the best possible audio quality by avoiding multiple coding in the input. Program providers who are also ensemble providers and broadcast several programs can set up software-based Audio Encoders directly on the Ensemble Multiplexer or use single or multi-channel hardware Audio Encoders.

AVT_MAGIC DABMUXplus_EnsembleMultiplexer_TEVIOS

The central system of a DAB headend is the Ensemble Multiplexer. AVT offers four different systems ranging from small-scale DAB multiplexers to professional DAB multiplexers on DSP base or based on the Fraunhofer ContentServer.

Monitor an ensemble multiplex with the ETI/EDI Monitoring Decoder. For more in-depth analysis of the DAB signal, a wired ETI/EDI analyser with integrated ensemble recorder and player is available.

And finally, the DSP-based, highly available and maintenance-free Tunnel Break-In System with integrated modulator & remodulator offers a voice break-in for up to two independent ensembles.

Contact us to learn more about the DAB/DAB+ solutions by AVT.

Monitor 64 Dante Channels with Nixer’s RD Dante

The RD Dante is Nixer Pro Audio‘s flagship Audio over IP monitoring unit. Monitor up to 64 Dante channels at 48kHz (32 channels at 96kHz) with this 2RU 19 inch rack mounted monitoring and diagnostics unit.


Intuitively operate the RD Dante with the large 127mm 24bit color LCD touch panel. The unit features in-built 75mm full range speakers which are mounted in optimized ported cabinets. Additionally, simultaneous outputs in the form of the stereo balanced line outputs and AES output are accessed via XLR connectors on the rear of the unit. Plus 2x IEC mains input connectors allow for redundant power supply connections.


Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive GUI for ease of operation
  • Primary & secondary network ports for redundancy
  • Ported & optimized speakers
  • Instant boot-up for fast deployment
  • Tone generator for testing & trouble shooting
  • Instant recall of saved presets for quick configuration

Applications include broadcast control rooms and OB vans.

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High-Quality Audio Transmissions with Audio Codecs by AVT

Audio Codecs are required for high-quality audio transmissions over various networks including IP, ISDN, 2-Mbit/s (E1) and X.21. Over IP and ISDN, use both Leased Line and temporary dial-up connections with AVT’s audio codecs.

The various applications for Audio Codecs include: reporting, studio programme contribution & distribution, and Studio-Transmitter-Links.

AVT_MAGIC Dante WAN Bridge_audiotransmission_TEVIOS

One of the popular Audio Codecs by AVT is the MAGIC ACX Dante WAN Bridge. This multi-channel PCM system enables transmission of up to 32 uncompressed audio signals via wide area networks (WAN). In other words, it enables Dante Network connections over large distances. The coding is done via PCM16/PCM24/PCM32. The integrated 32-channel Dante interface provides audio connection for the audio inputs/outputs. It also features redundant GbE interfaces and supports AES67. Manage up to 10 systems from five workplaces thanks to its user-friendly operating software.

Limited maximum latency of Dante in wide area networks, high jitter and possible time differences can make reliable transmission difficult. The MAGIC ACX Dante WAN Bridge solves these issues by offering a jitter buffer that includes an automatic mode and intelligent sample rate adaption (SRA).

Contact us for more information about Audio Codecs by AVT.

Compact 64 channel Dante Audio Monitor by Nixer: RL64

The Nixer RL64 is a 1U 19inch rack mounted Dante monitoring and mixing unit capable of mixing up to 64 Dante channels!


In mixing mode, mix up to 64 Dante channels at 48kHz or 32 channels at 96kHz. Plus, the microphone input (via a headphone connector) and AES input create a 67 into 2 mixer. In listening mode, simply touch a channel to instantly route to the LR output and cancel the previous selection.


The LR bus’ outputs are presented via inbuilt 4mm x 9mm full range speakers or via a 3.5mm headphone jack. The speakers automatically mute when a headphone jack is inserted. Simultaneous outputs are available thanks to the stereo balanced line outputs and AES output, accessed on the rear of the RL64 Dante via XLR connectors. The mix output is routed to the Dante output as well.

Control the RL64 with the intuitive navigation menu on the 24-bit color LCD and capacitive touch panel. This high-res screen presents comprehensive metering, routing and status information.


The rear of the RL64 Dante features 2x balanced line outputs on 3 pin male XLRs and AES output on 3 pin male XLR. Configure these outputs to follow the main volume settings of the speakers/headphones or set them to follow the main Mute control.

Finally, watch the introductory video by Nixer CEO Nick Fletcher here.

Contact us for more information about the RL64 Dante Audio Monitor by Nixer!

AVT Integrates Ravenna module

Just as most AVT systems have the software-based AES67 integration and the Dante module, now the RAVENNA module is available on select AVT systems!


Offering the Ravenna solution provides users the best possible integration in their studio environments. Integration into large AoIP networks is significantly simplified, thanks to the new module’s support of the NMOS specifications for Discovery & Registration and Device Connection Management.

Currently, the MAGIC RAVENNA module is available on the VoIP telephone ­hybrid­ system MAGIC THipPro. Once the module is equipped, 32 x 32 additional audio channels are available via IP, which can then be distributed to up to 32 network streams. Plus, continue to utilize the analogue and digital audio interfaces of the MAGIC THipPro.

Soon the Quad DAB+ Encoder MAGIC AE4 and the DAB Ensemble Multiplexer MAGIC DABMUX plus will also include the MAGIC RAVENNA module.

In order to guarantee high compatibility with other systems, the AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110-30/31 standards are also supported.

Finally, integrated stream redundancy for all ST 2022-7 classes effectively prevents interruptions in the audio signal caused by network problems.

Contact us for more information about the Ravenna module now available on AVT systems.

AV Delay toolset on PHABRIX Sx Handheld Series VIDEO

The AV Delay toolset on the PHABRIX handheld Sx range measures audio to video differential delay through a broadcast chain.


In addition to providing a real-time update of the differential delay between video content and a selected audio channel pair, PHABRIX’s AV Delay Generation and Analysis also measures the propagation (latency), or pipeline delay, of the video and audio content.

See this toolset explained in the demo video below:

Contact us for more information about the AV Delay toolset on the Sx Handheld Series by PHABRIX.

Mix & Match Dante and Ravenna ports on Nixer RL Series

The RL Series 1U Rack Mount AoIP Monitoring Tool & Mixer by Nixer allows users to mix & match Dante and Ravenna ports on the same unit.


For instance, use 1 Dante port and 1 Ravenna port on an RL 128. Or use two of each on the RL256. However, it’s not mandatory to mix & match. Simply use all Dante or Ravenna ports in a single rack unit product.

The new RL Series concept offers four different models: RL64, RL128, RL192 and RL256. Each model has two modes of operation, mixing and listening. Mix up to 256 channels at 48kHz (128 channels at 96kHz), plus microphone input and AES input. Listen by selecting a channel and routing to the LR output.

Contact us for more information about mixing & matching Dante and Ravenna ports on the RL Series by Nixer.