Dejero App LivePlus for Windows Offers All-In-One Solution

The new LivePlus for Windows Dejero app transmits high-quality video while simultaneously receiving two ultra-low latency return video and/or teleprompter feeds on a single screen.

This Dejero application simplifies the broadcast setup of reports and anchors working from home or from any remote location. As an all-in-one solution, LivePlus ensures quality broadcasts, transmitting high-quality, low-latency video with a live stream of up to 20Mbps and a latency as low as 0.8 seconds. Coupled with a Dejero CuePoint return server, LivePlus for Windows delivers teleprompter and return video feeds with latency as low as 250ms. Plus, Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology offers the option to blend Ethernet with a Wi-Fi connection for added reliability.


LivePlus supports the laptop’s internal camera, an external USB webcam, or the connection of an SDI or HDMI camera. The camera preview tile on the customizable screen serves as a confidence monitor for presenters and allows them to adjust their on-camera positions to account for overlays & graphics. The app also supports various audio options – IFB or return video audio and multiple wired & wireless earpieces.

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Compact WayPoint 50 & CuePoint 50: New Remote Production Solutions

Dejero releases its compact WayPoint 50 receiver and CuePoint 50 return video and teleprompter server! These compact, quickly deployable solutions ensure business continuity and agile remote production capabilities. Thanks to the smaller chassis, both the receiver and server fit neatly into remote production vehicles and/or portable flyaway kits.

Dejero_WayPoint Cuepoint 50 remote_receiver&returnvideoserver_TEVIOS

The new WayPoint 50 is a single-output compact receiver. It transports video over multiple IP connections from a Dejero transmitter, decodes HEVC or AVC, and outputs to SDI or MPEG-TS workflows.

When it comes to the compact CuePoint 50 return feed server, users send low-latency live program video and teleprompter feeds. This allows synchronization with central production during live broadcasts. Eight output feeds are viewable on tablets, smartphones or monitors.

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