New! MAGIC DABMUX Plus Monitoring Decoder by AVT

With the new MAGIC DABMUX Plus Monitoring Decoder by AVT, monitor the DAB transmission signal at any location in the EDI distribution network.

Monitor up to 50 EDI streams in order to locate errors. Fully decode an ensemble, with up to 25 programs being decoded and listened to simultaneously. The default configuration allows for the use of one EDI input and one decoder incl. service monitor, plus simultaneous DLS and SLS decoding for all programs.

An overview of all monitored EDI streams are displayed on the web interface. Listen to the selected program directly in the browser thanks to the service monitor incl. webstream decoder. An output via AES67 is also available.


Simultaneous monitoring on different levels including:

  • EDI input monitoring for up to 50 EDI streams
  • Ensemble and Service Information (ID, label, time, ensemble, load) for the selected input
  • Audio and PAD decoding for the selected service/sub-channel
  • Service logo extraction per program

Additionally, integration into a network management system is possible via SNMP. Monitor the system externally via the DAB System Manager (as option).

Optional extensions include EDI inputs (up to 50 total) and Audio decoders (up to 25).
Various modules include Ravenna/AES67, ETI (75 ohms) and Dual LAN (expands system by two 100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces).
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Digital Audio Broadcasting • DAB/DAB+ • Solutions by AVT

The digital broadcast technology DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) broadband system allows users to transmit several programmes from one or more programme provider in one Ensemble.

AVT manufactures a variety of DAB systems, offering complete solutions for DAB headends.

Digital Audio Broadcasting, the successor of analogue radio, has significant advantages including: efficient distribution options, various data services such as SlideShow for album covers, SPI(EPG), TPEG for extended traffic information etc., and noise-free audio programs.

Create 15-20 audio programmes by multiplexing a single frequency within an ensemble. Install hardware-based DAB/DAB+ Audio Encoders separately and directly from the program providers. Achieve the best possible audio quality by avoiding multiple coding in the input. Program providers who are also ensemble providers and broadcast several programs can set up software-based Audio Encoders directly on the Ensemble Multiplexer or use single or multi-channel hardware Audio Encoders.

AVT_MAGIC DABMUXplus_EnsembleMultiplexer_TEVIOS

The central system of a DAB headend is the Ensemble Multiplexer. AVT offers four different systems ranging from small-scale DAB multiplexers to professional DAB multiplexers on DSP base or based on the Fraunhofer ContentServer.

Monitor an ensemble multiplex with the ETI/EDI Monitoring Decoder. For more in-depth analysis of the DAB signal, a wired ETI/EDI analyser with integrated ensemble recorder and player is available.

And finally, the DSP-based, highly available and maintenance-free Tunnel Break-In System with integrated modulator & remodulator offers a voice break-in for up to two independent ensembles.

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