Intinor VIDEO Features Video Mixer & Stream Deck

In their latest video, Intinor CEO Roland Axelsson explains the features of their built-in video mixer & stream deck.

A web-based video mixer, use it with Direkt Link and Direkt Router solutions. Connect a stream deck or use the video mixer from Intinor’s web interface. It is ideal for simple, 2-3 camera productions as well as in instances with insufficient bandwidth to send all cameras back to the MCR.

Primary features include:

  • Preview / Program
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Audio (first or follow)
  • Overlays / Logo / PNG Upload

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Intinor offers Solutions for Mobile Productions

With their Direkt Series, Intinor provides simple solutions for live mobile productions.

The Direkt Series includes the Direkt link, receiver, and router. With the Direkt link, broadcast from various locations using any internet connection. With a Direkt receiver or Direkt router in the control room, receive and use the live broadcast during production.


Additionally, test, verify and troubleshoot network connections with Intinor’s ISS (system for statistics and supervision).

DIREKT LINK: Rack/Mobile/Backpack

  • SDI & HDMI inputs (up to 12 inputs)
  • Multiple encoders & destinations
  • 2, 4 or 8 x 3g/4g Modems
  • Adaptive bitrate & resolution


  • 1 – 12 x IP-stream inputs to SDI

DIREKT ROUTER: Single & Multichannel, Lite/Studio/Rack

  • 6-36x IP-stream inputs
  • Netvideo inputs (HLS-pull & RTMP-in)
  • 1 – 12x SDI outputs / NDI-outputs
  • SDI / NDI inputs
  • IP-stream scheduling & automation via API

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Distribution Delay VIDEO by Intinor

The new distribution delay feature by Intinor makes it possible to have different delays for different partners.

More specifically, this feature give each software encoder the option to add an additional delay. How does this work? Simply set the maximum amount of necessary extra delay. The web interface shows the amount of RAM available, which in turn determines how much delay can be added. No matter the protocol being used, each destination has a box to set “extra delay.”

This feature has multiple applications, such as in betting, esports, and remote commentary. Discover more in Intinor’s brief video:

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Intinor Transport Protocol for Bonding, Redundancy & Error Correction

Bifrost Reliable Transport (BRT) by Intinor is a transport protocol for bonding (LAN, 3G/4G or satellite), error correction and redundancy.

Combining BRT with Intinor’s robust, easy-to-use hardware creates the best solution for live video over internet. For instance, an Intinor Direkt link encoder with the network bonding algorithms in the BRT protocol balances the load over multiple Internet connections. Wifi and/or fixed Internet connections can be combined with one or more 3G/4G wireless networks and KA satellite connections. Network bonding enables higher bandwidth and robustness through redundancy.


Bifrost is a UDP-based transport protocol with forward error correction (FEC) & re-sending (ARQ). By utilizing FEC and ARQ together, Bifrost provides the best possible error correction for low latency and high latency applications.

Not only is Bifrost a reliable solution, it is also cost-efficient.

Additional features include:

  • Adaptive bitrate and resolution
  • Redundant audio
  • Receiver bonding

Learn more about the Intinor transport protocol for bonding, redundancy and error correction in this video:

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Intinor Collaborates with MistServer to Provide “Streaming Server in a Box”

Intinor and MistServer, a media server software, present their latest collaboration: Intinor + MistServer = Streaming server in a box!


MistServer is a modular, reliable and efficient media server software. Thanks to MistServer, viewers can stream on their preferred devices. A single input makes distribution of content to any viewer, server or other target very easy. Every process has its own handler which ensures stability and flexibility for all connections.

While the Intinor – MistServer collaboration has been in place for years, Intinor + MistServer = Streaming server in a box is just the latest solution they have to offer.

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Solutions for Remote Commentary by Intinor :

Intinor brings together its Direkt Link and Direkt router to create a robust solution for remote commentary in horse racing.

When approached by a German company to link their operation at the racetrack with their commentators back home, Intinor delivered a solution. The overall goal was a fully integrated-IP-workflow including remote IP-switching/mixing. The commentators are given one preview stream and one stream to comment on. Only the audio, then, gets streamed back to the studio.

Intinor_Remote Commentary_case study_TEVIOS

Intinor’s Direkt router is critical in this solution. Direkt router allows users to receive, send, and create multiple multiview streams. It also does clean feed forwarding, mixing and switching, pushing and pulling streams with added GFX. Thanks to Intinor’s open API, this concept allows users like those covering horse racing to fully customize and automate the scheduled IP-workflow.

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New generation of RACK+ for remote production by Intinor!

The new generation of the RACK+ product series by Intinor is here and it’s more powerful than ever! This 2 RU hardware makes it possible to combine up to 12 independent video feeds in a single device and deliver them synchronously across multiple internet paths.

Intinor Rack+ new generation TEVIOS

With the RACK+, create custom solutions by combining as many as 12x SDI/NDI inputs and/or outputs at resolutions up to 4k at 60p. This new generation also supports 30x IP inputs, 30x Netvideo inputs, and 12x software encoders.

Additional customizations are possible including:

  • VPN for remote control of Tricaster, Tally, PTZ & more
  • Additional NDI inputs or outputs
  • SDI in/out
  • Built-in video mixers
  • Multiview
  • RTMP in/out
  • SRT ingest / SRT-pull
  • Extra IP inputs
  • Extra netvideo inputs
  • Multiple software encoders

Check out the video below.

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Direkt series by Intinor supports NDI

Intinor is proud to announce that their Direkt series has gone NDI! These latest additions include the Direkt link NDI rack and the Direkt router studio.



The Direkt link NDI rack comes with two NDI inputs & one software encoder with the option to add more of each.


The Direkt router studio features 6x IP inputs as well as 6x Netvideo inputs (HLS, RTMP, RTSP, NDI) with NDI input on all Netvideo inputs. It also includes 4x NDI outputs and 1x software encoder.

Not to mention the Direkt series with NDI is fully customizable. Additional add-ons include:

  • VPN for remote control of Tricaster, Tally, PTZ and more
  • SDI in/out
  • built-in video mixers
  • Multiview
  • RTMP in/out
  • SRT ingest / SRT-pull
  • Extra netvideo inputs

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Intinor becomes latest TEVIOS partner!

Swedish-based company Intinor is the newest TEVIOS partner!


Intinor is the developer of high quality video and audio broadcast solutions over internet. Their products, which include their Direkt Series, are all easy-to-use. Additionally, they’re mobile, robust, reliable and quiet.

Furthermore, Intinor products assist an array of clients ranging from small production to major television channels. This is achievable thanks to their contribution, distribution and web TV solutions.



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