MDP3020 Helps Grow SFN Reach without Costly GPS

The standards-rich MDP3020 SFN by Media Links is a low-cost IP gateway that doesn’t rely on expensive or at-risk GPS synchronization.

MDP3020 SFN allows for IP distribution of digital television broadcast signals across Single Frequency Networks, while supporting Precision Timing Protocol (PTP). Thanks to this PTP support, transport a synchronous time base without relying on satellite receivers.


Deliver media network migration to IP based transport with PTP, upgrade from DVB-T to T2, and take advantage of efficient spectrum utilization, all thanks to MDP3020 SFN.

Feature Checklist

  • ST 2022-2 Standards based transmission
  • ST 2022-7 Protected Switching / Auto Protection
  • ST 2022-5 Forward Error Correction
  • ETSI TR 101-290 TS compliant monitoring
  • PTP (IEEE1588 V2) for Advanced Sync Functions
  • 1 PPS & 10MHz Synchronization Outputs
  • Ultra deployable half-RU footprint, with high sustainability

With protected redundancy, upgrade and scale the network as needed.

Read the full white paper here.

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