PHABRIX adds Powerful Waveform Monitoring Capabilities to Qx & QxL

Within the V4.8 update, PHABRIX adds a new class of waveform monitoring instrumentation to its Qx & QxL rasterizers!

Thanks to PHABRIX patented technology, this class-leading waveform instrumentation provides all the fine detail needed for camera shading or image grading. Not only that, but it retains the flexibility of real-time operation and support for the wide range of SDR and HDR SDI and IP video formats.

This V4.8 release features a patented technique that efficiently delivers a high-resolution image processing pipeline with support for deep color sources up to 12-bits.


Choose Overlay, Stacked and Parade display modes, each including multi-colored, highlights, green or monochrome traces as options. Display YCbCR, RGB, YRGB, YGRB and individual components along with connected instrument cursor linked to Picture and Data View, and user markers linked to Vectorscope. Single Line Mode and H and V magnification are also available for more detailed inspection.

“Luminance Nits scales and operation user-controlled Nits markers are provided for SDR, HLG, PQ, S-Log3 and SR-live HDR formats, and Rec 709 and Rec 2020 colorimetry is supported over the wide-range of YCbCr:422, RGB:444, SDI, 2110, SD*/HD/2K/UHD/4K/EUHD formats for which PHABRIX is renowned” explains PHABRIX.

See what’s new in V4.8 here.

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AMWA NMOS + 25G PCAP Tools for PHABRIX Qx Series

The Qx Series of advanced rasterizers by PHABRIX includes a comprehensive feature set that supports HD/3G/6G/12G-SDI, 10G/25G IP interfaces, and HD/UHD, IP SMPTE 2022-6, SMPTE 2110-10/20/30/31/40 with ST 2022-7 and AMWA NMOS.

Thanks to the flexible architecture of the QxL, easily upgrade for SDI-UHD/4K, 2110-UHD/4K 48-60p RGB (EUHD), PCAP, Dolby E Decode, HDR, AV test signal generation and engineering grade data view & ANC packet inspection tools. RTE™ realtime SDI eye and jitter analysis is available as a hardware option with an advanced SDI-STRESS toolset upgrade also available.

Two specific features of the Qx Series are the AMWA NMOS toolset and the 25G PCAP Tool.



As PHABRIX explains, “a suite of AMWA NMOS tools provide flexibility when integrating with an NMOS controller & associate network Topology. Supported protocols: IS-04 v1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 IS-05 1.02, 1.1 and IS-09 PTP domain. Provision of both in-band and out-of-band control topologies with manual, mDNS, DNS-SD and DHCP.” Independently configure Senders and Receivers as single or dual NMOS end points.



This optional toolset provides full line-rate capture at 25Gbps on a single interface (back-to-back packets). Capture data simultaneously on one or both media interfaces.

  • User control of packet capture size
  • Manual Start-Stop, Auto Start-Stop at specified time, Capture Start Delay
  • User controls for auto stop (no. of packets, file size, duration)
  • Saves to USB (option of Browser File transfer off unit)
  • 4GB PCAP max. file size (on QxL)

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PHABRIX CEO Reveals Portable QxP Rasterizer in Latest VIDEO

PHABRIX is set to ship their QxP “portable QxL” rasterizer this November!

Introduced at IBC 2022, the QxP is the newest addition to the Qx line of rasterizers by test & measurement manufacturer PHABRIX. The original Qx focused on SDI and 10G ethernet. Next came the QxL rasterizer which works with UHD signals with 25G IP & 12G SDI. It addressed the need for 25G ethernet and followed the momentum of 2110. And finally the QxP is the portable version of the QxL.

The flexible & robust QxP comes in a 3RU form factor with battery V-Plate option for fully portable single/dual/quad SDI operation up to 12G-SDI copper, and SDI or 10/25G ST 2110 with NMOS over mono-mode/LR or multi-mode/SR fibre using industry standard SFPs.

The highly flexible power arrangement provides auto-changeover between integral IEC Mains (internal PSU), External 4 pin DC PSU or via the optional camera battery V-plate. Enjoy anywhere from 2 to 4 hours of battery life.

The new chassis has a built-in speaker as well as a 1920 x 1200 LCD screen with multi-touch and integral button controls.

Additional features include:

  • Support for SMPTE ST 2110
  • ST 2022-7 seamless protection at up to 4K 25G, ST 2022-6 & 12G-SDI
  • New Waveforms
  • Wide range of YCbCr and RGB formats

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Phabrix launches portable QxP !

PHABRIX launches its newest product in the Qx series: the QxP portable rasterizer!

The QxP inherits all of the advantages of the QxL rasterizer including its extensive toolset and flexible architecture for fully portable single/dual/quad SDI operation up to 12G-SDI copper, and SDI or 10/25G ST 2110 with NMOS over mono-mode/LR or multi-mode/SR fibre using industry standard SFPs. All within a 3RU form factor with touch screen and battery V-Plate option.

The QxP features a 7-inch 1920×1200 multi-touch LCD screen,  on-set compatibility in SDR/HDR, calibration and shading applications, plus compatible with QC, MCR, engineering and R&D environments.


As mentioned, the QxP offers a wealth of functionality and workflow support within its 3RU framework. It handles UHD IP workflows at 25 GbE and has an external HDMI interface for rasterization output of up to 16 instruments.

Finally, the QxP has extensive IP support and compatibility with a wide range of 444 and 422 video formats. The unit also supports HD/3G/UHD/EUHD2110 payload generation and analysis.

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Rx Range of Rasterizer Products: VIDEO by PHABRIX

PHABRIX released a video of their Rx range of test & measurement rasterizer products. The Rx Series is perfect for analyzing, generating and monitoring 3G/HD/SD SDI signals.

Overall, the Rx Series includes 3 models with identical software features*:

  • Rx 500: 2 channel analyzer/generator & monitoring system (1/2 1U)
  • Rx 1000: Compact 4 channel analyzer/generator & monitoring system (1U)
  • Rx 2000: 4 channel analyzer/generator with monitoring via dual built-in screens & audio speakers (2U)

*The choice of model comes down to the desired form-factor and number of signals to be monitored simultaneously. One module required per signal.


The Rx range uses the type of same tools as the Sx handheld units, plus a few additional features. In other words, Rx is like having multiple Sx handheld units in one box.

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PHABRIX QxL Awarded Silver by Digital Media World Awards

The QxL feature-rich 25G IP ST 2110 rasterizer by PHABRIX wins Silver in the 2021 Digital Media World Awards! Meanwhile, the Sx TAG IP handheld instrument takes home a Special Merit award.


The QxL rasterizer supports HD/3G 2110 and 2022-6 payloads on generic 10G/25G SFP28 interfaces for real-time UHD IP workflows on 25G networks. It is 10G/25G IP-enabled as standard while supporting JT-NM TR 1001- 1:2018, ST 2110-20 (video), 2110-30 (PCM) and 2110-31 (AES transport) audio, 2110-40 ANC media flows, all with 2022-7 Seamless IP Protection Switching (SIPS). On both media ports, dual independent PTP engines are supplied. Plus with its flexible architecture, upgrade the license in-field for UHD/4K, HDR and other features.


The Sx TAG handheld device is perfect for IP, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, optical SDI, HDMI and Analog test & measurement as well as AES eye analysis. It features SFP, SDI and analog I/O. Additionally, Sx TAG supports SMPTE ST 2110-20/30/40 encapsulation/decapsulation with ST 2059 PTP, SDP and NMOS. And it has a multi-format waveform, vectorscope and video display, as well as data view and VANC/ANC inspector.

Contact us for more information about the QxL rasterizer and the Sx TAG taking home Digital Media World Awards!

PHABRIX QxL Rasterizer Wins Product of the Year!

The QxL rasterizer by PHABRIX is an IABM BaM Awards® 2021 finalist and NABShow Product of the Year Winner!


The ultra-compact, feature-rich 25G IP 2110 QxL rasterizer recently became an IABM BaM Awards® 2021 finalist. Only weeks before, it won NABShow Product of the Year in the ‘Best New Monitoring and Measuring Technology’ category.

The QxL rasterizer primarily supports IP SMPTE 2110/2022-7 and IP SMPTE 2022-6 signals up to UHD formats. It also contains the same JT-NM Tested features as the Qx. Thanks to its 25G interface network, the QxL is able to handle 4K in IP. The rasterizer can be optionally fitted with SDI interfaces while supporting formats from HD to UHD. In the latest software release, the QxL rasterizer generates the user interface (GUI) as a 2110 flow, making the GUI viewable from anywhere!


Contact us for more information about the QxL rasterizer, Product of the Year Winner!

Generate, Analyze & Measure with PHABRIX IP Solutions

PHABRIX offers a range of IP solutions, perfect for those developing, installing, commissioning and utilizing SMPTE ST 2110 and 2022-6 IP and SDI systems. More specifically, PHABRIX provides their QxL rasterizer (UHD/4K facilities and R&D environments), Qx (Full UHD/HD-SDI support) and SxTAG (IP, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, optical SDI, HDMI and Analog applications).


QxL : UHD/4K over IP for 25GE applications

  • Supports up to ST 2110 UHD/4K payloads on 25G IP networks with 2022-7 and dual PTP
  • 2110-20/30/31/40 flows with Class C audio (80 channels of audio in a single flow)
  • Supports ST 2110-20 2K/HD, 4K/UHD video, 2110-30/31 PCM/AES audio, and 2110-40 Ancillary (ANC) flow generation
  • Powerful IP Measurement toolset option
  • Inherits JT-NM tested processing from Qx
  • JT-NM AMWA NMOS IS-04 & IS-05 support
  • 12G capable SDI I/O options with Physical Layer SDI analysis (Eye & Jitter)
  • Remote monitoring via VNC. KVM extender supported. Automated control via REST API.


Qx : HD/3G over IP for 10GE applications

  • Optional ST 2110-20/30/31/40 HD/3G payload support for 10G IP networks with 2022-7 and dual PTP
  • Class C audio support (80 channels of audio in a single flow)
  • Powerful IP Measurement toolset option
  • JT-NM AMWA NMOS IS-04 & IS-05 support
  • JT-NM Self Tested Spring 2020 (2110 and NMOS)
  • HD/3G-SDI payloads as standard (additional payloads optional)
  • Physical Layer SDI analysis (Eye & Jitter) option
  • Remote monitoring via VNC. KVM extender supported. Automated control via REST API.


SxTAG : 3G/HD/SD Generation, Analysis, Gateway for line-checking applications

  • Portable line-checking tool for testing ST 2110 & 2022-6 IP streams
  • ST 2110 & 2022-6 content generator and analyzer toolset for 10GE IP applications
  • Tx/Rx instrument windows for network configuration & monitoring
  • JT-NM Self Tested Spring 2020 (2110 and NMOS)
  • SDI-to-IP and IP-to-SDI gateway functionality for working across SDI/IP boundaries

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SCTE 104 capabilities in PHABRIX Qx Rasterizers: VIDEO

The following video demonstrates the SCTE 104 capabilities in the PHABRIX Qx Series. More specifically, it features the QxL rasterizer.

SCTE-104 messaging is used throughout the broadcast industry as the standard method for including specific program automation signals and markers in video. Examples include program parts and commercial breaks.

Monitoring of SCTE-104 messages in the Qx and QxL is supported for both conventional SDI interfaces and 2110-40 and 2022-6.

Contact us for more information about the SCTE 104 capabilities in the PHABRIX Qx Series of rasterizers!

Advanced ST 2110 IP Generation in PHABRIX Qx Series!

In their latest VP.3 software release, PHABRIX adds support for new SDI & IP standards, as well as advanced ST 2110 IP Signal Generation for their Qx Series.


More specifically, the QxL IP generation tools now support ST 2110-20 2K/HD, 4K/UHD video, 2110-30/31 PCM/AES audio, and 2110-40 Ancillary (ANC) flow generation. As part of this extensive toolset, QxL customers can now simultaneously generate Test Signal and User Interface (GUI) video & audio flows.

ST 2110 IP signal generation toolset also includes:

  • 2110-20: Support for wide range of HD/2K, UHD/4K, YCbCr/RGB, 422/444, 10/12-bit signals
  • 2110-30/31: Four 80-Channel PCM/AES audio flow generators, 125µs or 1ms Audio packet time
  • 2110-40: ANC flow generation linked to new timecode generator with control of ATC and Keep Alive packets
  • 2110 Timecode Generator (ATC_LTC, ATC_VITC, PTP Locked)
  • 2022-7 seamless protection support for all 2110 flows generated or analysed

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