New 8-channel Hybrid Streaming Studio: Streamstar NDX 800

Streamstar recently released its 8-channel, hybrid IP/NDI/SDI live production streaming studio, the NDX 800.


NDX 800 combines IP/NDI and HD-SDI inputs in a single unit. With 8 vision mixer channels, it provides extreme performance and versatility. It is the perfect live production and streaming solution for a variety of applications. For instance, use NDX 800 for TV stations, media programs, remote learning or online conferences.

Not only that, but NDX 800 comes equipped with Streamstar’s Scenes Manager. This high-end functionality module allows a single user to create and trigger program timelines at the touch of a button.


To recap, NDX 800 features include:

  • Intuitive & easy-to-use touch screen user interface
  • 4x NDI / IP stream inputs
  • 4x HD-SDI inputs (optional up to 8)
  • NDI / RTMP/S / TS output
  • HD-SDI / HDMI output

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SAPEC Integrates SRT Protocol to Optimize Streaming Performance

The LAGUNA Media Processor (LMP) by SAPEC now includes SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol, optimizing streaming performance over unpredictable networks. Thanks to this SRT open-source protocol, the LAGUNA solutions can now carry out secure, high-quality and low latency video over public IP networks (internet).

SRT is an ideal solution for video transport over public IP networks, reducing the costs from UDP and FEC. Applied at the endpoints of the video link as part of the stream flow, SRT protocol delivers the highest quality and lowest latency video. It adapts to network conditions in real time, compensating for jitter and bandwidth fluctuations due to existing network congestion. Thanks to the SRT’s error recovery mechanism, packet loss is minimized and end-to-end AES security encryption is supported.

SAPEC_Laguna DUAL_media processor_TEVIOS

With this new feature, the LAGUNA Media Processor offers broadcasters even more possibilities. For example, transport up to 8 HD video signals multiplexed (MPTS) or independently (STPS) with one device (1U) over the public internet in low latency. Plus, store different layouts with the 8 signals configured independently as either encoder or decoder.

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Intinor Collaborates with MistServer to Provide “Streaming Server in a Box”

Intinor and MistServer, a media server software, present their latest collaboration: Intinor + MistServer = Streaming server in a box!


MistServer is a modular, reliable and efficient media server software. Thanks to MistServer, viewers can stream on their preferred devices. A single input makes distribution of content to any viewer, server or other target very easy. Every process has its own handler which ensures stability and flexibility for all connections.

While the Intinor – MistServer collaboration has been in place for years, Intinor + MistServer = Streaming server in a box is just the latest solution they have to offer.

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