Switcher/Mixer MOD for ScreenBridge

The Switcher/Mixer MOD for the all-in-one video processor ScreenBridge by Craltech allows users to display, stream and control a multi-camera setup.


Create professional multi camera live productions or live stream to YouTube, Skype or Zoom. The Switcher MOD includes high-quality broadcast effects and features, taking productions and presentations to the next level! The “auto” button enables professional video effects, transitions and duration settings.

Mix, switch and create with the following video effects:

  • Cut, Fade/Mix and Wipe transitions
  • LOGO and Text
  • Chroma
  • PiP Mode (4 option position PiP)


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ScreenBridge MODS – Multiple Products in One Device – by Craltech

The all-in-one video processor ScreenBridge by Craltech is a modular system allowing users to design and build fully customizable solutions!

Thanks to the Craltech MODS system, the lifecycle of ScreenBridge is extended and future-proofed. In other words, integrate multiple products and functions into one device. I/O cards accommodate various connectivity requirements. Depending on the MOD installed, Screenbridge has 16 inputs and 16 outputs (2U) or 24 inputs and 24 outputs (3U) configurable as single screens, edge-blend widescreens, multiviewer and KVM options.


The various MODS available include:

  • Multiview MOD: Display a single or multiview image on any screen
  • KVM MOD: Keyboard, video and mouse
  • Matrix MOD: Display a single image on any screen
  • Switcher MOD: Create, mix and switch to the next level
  • VideoWall MOD: Unlimited possibilities in presentation experiences

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Introducing the Craltech ScreenBridge All-in-One Video Processor

The ScreenBridge by Craltech is the first all-in-one video processor specifically designed with matrix, switcher, multiviewer, KVM and VideoWall options. Switch, distribute, and monitor multiple HDMI sources with ScreenBridge!


Select and upload a MOD to easily control and manage all sources. Thanks to this modular system, design and build fully customizable solutions configurable to match any requirements. I/O cards accommodate various connectivity requirements. Depending on the MOD installed, Screenbridge has 16 inputs and 16 outputs configurable as single screens, edge-blend widescreens, multiviewer and KVM options.


This high-end video processor provides versatile connectivity as well as an unmatched real-time 10/12-bit video processing engine. With ultra-low latency (<1 frame), it offers best-in-class image quality.

Its robust, stable and scalable system makes ScreenBridge perfect for numerous applications. Examples include: large control rooms, corporate, live events/sports, government and mission critical environments. It is truly a future-proof solution.

Finally, control ScreenBridge units simply and easily with user-friendly, web-based software.

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Bre4K-MODS Mixer/Switcher 4K Multiviewer Demo VIDEO

In their latest video, Craltech highlights how to bring online productions and streams to the next level with their Bre4k Switcher / Mixer!

Bre4K-MODS Mixer/Switcher 4K Multiviewer allows users to display, mix and switch 4 x FHD HDMI sources in one 4K screen or projector.

  1. Switch on and connect sources
  2. Select layout
  3. Connect it to a PC using a capture card & Stream it
  4. Control & Stream up to 4 cameras
  5. Add lighting

Configuration is fast and easy!

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CRALTECH Bre4k-MODS Mixer/Switcher is Here!

The new 4K Multiviewer Bre4K-MODS Mixer/Switcher by CRALTECH is now available! Display, mix & switch 4 x FHD HDMI sources on one 4K screen or projector.

With Bre4k MODS, easily create professional multi-camera live productions or live stream. Mix various sources with four HDMI inputs and 4K HDMI output. Control Bre4k remotely with the free, user-friendly software. And, unique in Quad-Mode, display or stream up to 4 inputs. In order to keep audiences engaged, utilize the professional broadcast effects and features.


Choose from multiple MODS:

4K Quad LITE MOD: Affordable HDMI Mini Quad Split, display & control 4  FHD HDMI sources on a 4K UHD screen or use HDMI to USB adapter to stream

4K Quad PRO MOD: Display & control 4 HDMI sources on a 4K screen with all professional features (scopes, 8 channel audio level meters, markers, alarms & UMD)

Scaler MOD: Scale to any resolution in order to adapt HDMI sources to various devices; featuring color correction & PiP

To see the various features of Bre4K-MODS Mixer/Switcher in action, check out the latest video by Craltech:

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YoloBox by YoloLiv: Live Broadcasting in 3 Steps

The multi-camera live-streaming solution YoloBox by YoloLiv makes live broadcasting possible in just 3 simple steps.

YoloBox is an all-in-one system for switching, encoding, recording, and monitoring. In order to broadcast, simply connect, capture, and stream.


  1. Connect to the Internet via Ethernet/WiFi/4G, sign up for your YoloLiv account, and plug the camera into YoloBox.
  2. Capture video from a variety of sources including cameras, GoPros, drones, local library, etc.
  3. Stream simultaneously to multiple destinations such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or any other RTMP(s) supported websites.

TEVIOS is the YoloLiv master distributor in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg (BeNeLux).

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