Introducing Streamstar NDX & X2 mini live streaming production

Streamstar introduces their newest live streaming production solutions: the NDX mini and X2 mini!


The NDX mini 2-CAM live streaming & remote production solution allows educators, webcasters, conferences and radio stations to be live online in under 5 minutes. It is feature-rich, versatile and easy-to-use. It includes 2x NDI/IP stream inputs, 1x NDI/RTMP/S/TS output and 4x DSK layers – logo/overlay/CG/ingest.


With applications primarily within the live sports market, the X2 is known as the “Replay for All” live sports production streaming studio. Like the NDX mini, this solution is versatile, flexible and professional. Similarly, it features 2x NDI/IP stream inputs and 4x DSK layers – logo/overlay/CG/ingest.

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X Series: 2, 4 & 6-channel Live Production Studios by Streamstar

The X Series range of live production streaming studios by Streamstar confidently delivers broadcast-quality results.


The X Series supports a variety of inputs (HD-SDI / IP stream / NDI) and is packed in a 2RU chassis. Available in 2, 4 or 6 channel versions, these live production systems operate with a high degree of automation and flexibility.

Furthermore, their professional features match the other Streamstar ranges. These include:

  • Replays/slomos
  • Graphics capabilities
  • Media playlists
  • Internal character generators
  • Intuitive touch screen interfaces

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Now Introducing the NDX by Streamstar!

The Streamstar NDX is a full-featured, 4 channel, remote live production and streaming studio for IP/NDI sources.

Streamstar_NDX_ Live _ Production _TEVIOS

Powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use, Streamstar NDX is an ideal broadcasting and streaming solution for eSports, conferences, visual radio, small TV stations and remote learning. NDX features 4x NDI/IP stream inputs, an NDI/RTMP/R/TS output as well as an optional HD-SDI/HDMI output. It also features an intuitive touch screen interface, various insert layers, automated switching modes and internal CG. Furthermore, there is a built-in multiview with 3 modes, a built-in audio mixer and a built-in encoder for live streaming. Additional components include:

  • External graphics with transparency over NDI
  • NDI recording – PGM
  • Stream recording
  • Media player
  • NDI PTZ control
  • JVC camcorder IP based CCU and Tally

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Streamstar : Bringing Simplicity to Video Production & Streaming

TEVIOS is excited to announce our latest partnership with Streamstar! Streamstar brings simplicity to the video streaming industry via software & hardware solutions and live production tools.


Streamstar’s live production systems operate with a high degree of automation and flexibility thanks to technological advances and user friendly workflows. In addition, Streamstar solutions are simple to setup. A single operator is able to perform complex tasks and produce high quality, multi-camera productions. For instance, it’s easy for one individual to operate the Streamstar vision mixer. Furthermore, professional results are achievable with minimal investment.


Anyone from small production companies to large TV networks can benefit from Streamstar video streaming systems.

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