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AVT Audio Visual Technologies GmbH develops innovative telephone hybrids and codecs for broadcasters and service providers around the world.

Telephone Hybrids, also known as Talkshow Systems, convert incoming phone calls into audio signals which are then suitable for a studio environment. Three primary line interfaces exist: POTS (analogue telephone lines), ISDN and Ethernet interfaces using Voice over IP technology.

AVT provides the following MAGIC systems:


TH1Go Telephone Hybrid

The MAGIC TH1Go is a single-hybrid solution with analog audio interfaces. It is controlled via analogue telephone or web browser and includes a digital echocanceller, automatic gain control (AGC) and expander.

Two system versions are available. The first version is the MAGIC TH1ipGo operated via the LAN interface as one channel VoIP hybrid. The second, the MAGIC TH1potsGo, offers one POTS interface and can be controlled via analogue telephone lines.

Additional features include:

  • Pretalk via analogue telephone or second audio interface
  • Voice disguise for caller identity protection
  • Recording of HOLD signal or external signal as HOLD signal

TH2plus Telephone Hybrid

The MAGIC TH2plus provides many of the same features as the TH1Go, such as a digital echo canceller, automatic gain control (AGC) and expander, but for each of the two channels.  This dual hybrid solution comes with three operating modes in a single system: two analog a/b interfaces, one ISDN So, and one LAN interface. Thanks to these options, the system can be used in analog, ISDN and VoIP mode. An external GSM adapter allows for an extension to a GSM telephone hybrid.

Additional features of the TH2plus include:

  • PC software with screening function
  • HOLD signal: external, recorded or ON AIR signal
  • Pretalk function
  • Ember+ & DHD SetLogic
  • GPIO contacts
  • Voice disguise for caller identity protection
  • Call forwarding & last calls list

TH6 Telephone Hybrid

The MAGIC TH6 is a talkshow system for six channels. Like the other MAGIC telephone hybrids, MAGIC TH6 features a digital echo canceller, automatic volume control (AGC) and an expander for each channel. Available as a POTS version or a VoIP version with integrated HD voice functionality, the system has two analogue and four digital audio inputs/outputs. Thanks to these features, MAGIC TH6 is usable in three different operating modes: One, Two, and Six Faders mode.

Additional features of the TH6 include:

  • PC software with screening function
  • Up to six PC operator stations and two studios
  • HOLD signal: external, recorded or ON AIR signal
  • Support of Ember+ protocol & DHD SetLogic IDs
  • GPIO contacts
  • Voice disguise for caller identity protection
  • Call forwarding

THipPro Telephone Hybrid

The MAGIC THipPro is by far the most flexible and functional talkshow system AVT has to offer. The 8 line system is available for POTS, ISDN, or VoIP while the 16 line system is available for ISDN or VoIP. In “Mixed Mode,” the system can be operated with POTS or ISDN lines and simultaneously with VoIP lines.

An extensive set of features are included in the THipPro system. These include:

  • Digital echo canceller, AGC & expander for every caller line
  • Conference function with N-1 generation
  • 20 MAGIC THipPro LAN & Screener software workplaces
  • PRETALK mode with multiple screening functions
  • Ember+ support & DHD SetLogic IDs
  • Dante/AES67 upgrade to add additional audio lines
  • Admin upgrade to share resources between 6 studios
  • High-quality audio transmission integration

THipPro VoIP Intercom System

The new MAGIC THipPro VoIP is a DSP-based gateway with 8 or 16 VoIP lines. Available in two versions*, MAGIC THipPro 8 VoIP Intercom (8 lines) and MAGIC THipPro 16 VoIP Intercom (16 lines), the 1U device includes 8 digital audio lines (4 AES/EBU interfaces) as well as two analogue audio inputs and outputs. This solution also features up to 10 systems with 160 voice channels.

*The 8-line system can be easily extended to 16 lines via a hardware upgrade.



The MAGIC THipPro is an answering machine that connects to VoIP-capable PBXs or VoIP main lines. This voicemail system is expandable up to 32 recording channels in one surface. These recordings are stored on the server as WAV files.

Two versions of this system are available: MAGIC THipPro 8 VoIP VMS (8 caller lines) and MAGIC THipPro 16 VoIP VMS (16 caller lines). The 8-line system can be easily extended to 16 lines via a hardware upgrade.

ACX Dante WAN Bridge

The MAGIC ACX Dante WAN Bridge is a multi-channel PCM system that enables transmission of up to 32 uncompressed audio signals via wide area networks (WAN). This enables Dante Network connections over large distances. The coding is done via PCM16/PCM24/PCM32. The integrated 32-channel Dante interface provides audio connection for the audio inputs/outputs. It also features redundant GbE interfaces and supports AES67. Up to 10 systems can be managed from five workplaces thanks to its user-friendly operating software.

Limited maximum latency of Dante in wide area networks, high jitter and possible time differences can make reliable transmission difficult. The MAGIC ACX Dante WAN Bridge solves these issues by offering a jitter buffer that includes an automatic mode and intelligent sample rate adaption (SRA).

AVT_MAGIC Dante WAN Bridge_audiotransmission_TEVIOS

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