Reliable Connectivity Everywhere

Dejero simplifies the capture, transmission, management and distribution of high-quality live video broadcasts on-air and online. Thanks to their complete platform of transmitters, software, cloud-based management tools and servers, Dejero makes it possible to get the live shot every time. The platform intelligently manages or bonds wireless connections (3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, microwave, and satellite) to deliver optimal picture quality while the transmitters set up quickly and are easy to operate.

Dejero offers a variety of categories of exceptional solutions:


Mobile Transmitters

EnGo 260

This easy-to-use, compact mobile transmitter encodes, transmits and delivers high-quality video with low latency (0.8 seconds) over multiple IP connections. Its agility and versatility make it the perfect solution for news gathering and sports coverage, as well as mobile video professionals looking to capture live events from remote locations – even while in motion.

EnGo features Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology which blends up to 8 network connections including 3G/4G/LTE-A/5G, WiFi, Ethernet, and portable satellite. Unique hybrid encoding allows the hardware and software to balance performance and power consumption while automatically adapting to content complexity even in low bitrate scenarios. Thanks to its one-button, sub 30 second start-up & automatic video input/format detection, and its global modems and field user-accessible SIMs, operation is simple and efficient, ideal for international travel.

Additional features include optimized antenna performance, HEVC compression, 20 Mb/s video encoding and transmission, and frame rates up to 1080p 50/60. EnGo also offers simultaneous recording and live transmission (65 GB storage capable of 30 hours HD recording) and multichannel audio (2, 4, or 8 simultaneous inputs), all with an intuitive touch screen interface.


Return Video Servers

CuePoint 50

The compact CuePoint 50 return feed server allows users to send low-latency live program video and teleprompter feeds. This allows synchronization with central production during live broadcasts. Eight output feeds are viewable on tablets, smartphones or monitors. The CuePoint 50 server fits neatly into a short-depth 19” rack system as well as a portable fly away kit, providing return feeds while on site.


CuePoint 100

The high-performance CuePoint 100 return feed server delivers low-latency video (250 milliseconds) with audio plus teleprompting feeds from the broadcast center to live production teams out in the field. The video/feeds can be viewed via a tablet, dedicated screen or on multiple mobile devices simultaneously allowing for greater versatility. The entire return feed workflow is simple to use & easy to scale and supports 2 simultaneous source feeds from a single server and 8 feeds out in the field.

Resolution is adjustable in order to control costs and match the use case. Thanks to the web portal, control users have access to the station’s return video feeds from anywhere. The return feeds are easily managed and routed with an intuitive web interface. Dual power supplies keep CuePoint functioning in case one power supply fails and are replaceable while CuePoint is in use.



WayPoint 50

The WayPoint 50 is a single-output compact receiver. It transports video over multiple IP connections from a Dejero transmitter, decodes HEVC or AVC, and outputs to SDI or MPEG-TS workflows. It is the perfect solution for production vehicles where space is limited. The WayPoint 50 is also designed to fit in a portable fly away kit, providing receiving capability on site.


WayPoint 104

The WayPoint 104 is a high-quality, four-output SDI or IP receiver that reconstructs video transported over multiple IP connections, decodes HEVC or AVC, and outputs to SDI or MPEG-TS workflows. Equipped with power supplies plus redundant storage (RAID) hard drives, this receiver delivers broadcast-quality reliability. It can decode up to four ingests simultaneously in a single 1U device, and with multiple output options, gives flexibility and saves valuable rack space within the facility.

The WayPoint features a quad-core Intel Xeon processor that guarantees high performance and reliability. It has four channels or balanced IFB, two hot-swappable 1 TB hard drives (RAID protection), black burst & tri-sync, backwards compatibility, as well as multichannel audio (2, 4, or 8 simultaneous audio outputs). The WayPoint 204 also exists, featuring 2110 IP connection.


Network Appliances

GateWay M Series

The GateWay M Series router combines multiple network connections, providing carrier diversity and high throughput. It is available as a 1U rack-mount form-factor, featuring integrated modems connecting to external antennas. Thanks to VPN tunneling support, private networks are securely accessible.

Additional features of the GateWay include MAM access, remote accessibility of newsroom systems, FTP services that aid in file transfers to and from the station, and remote handling of cloud-based workflows such as proxy editing. It is also simple to transport video feeds as cameras with built-in or third-party encoders have connectivity.


GateWay 200 Series

This fanless chassis networking appliance is ideal for nomadic and mobile connectivity. Like the GateWay M Series, the GateWay 200 Series provides fast, reliable and secure access to private networks and the public Internet, plus SaaS providers while in nomadic or mobile environments. It is designed to send and receive voice, video and data via a reliable connection while in potentially harsh mobile conditions. The integrated modems connect external antennas providing optimal performance as well as supporting VPN tunneling.

Thanks to Dejero’s patented Smart Blending Technology, users stay connected with high reliability and bandwidth. The appliance itself can be vehicle-mounted for tracking and shares real-time video such as critical dash-cam, body-cam or drone feeds with central command. To support data apps for public safety, this solution aggregates multiple provider network connections.



Pathway E(C)

The PathWay is an HEVC capable adaptive bitrate, 1U rack-mounted encoder/transmitter that delivers incredible picture quality with low latency. Cellular connectivity can be blended with an Ethernet (LAN/WAN or satellite) or Wi-Fi connection in news gathering and remote production vehicles or in fixed locations. If a station loses its primary transmission capability, the PathWay can be used as a backup transmission solution in order to ensure broadcast continuity. It also enables feeds from remote studios and fixed-location cameras.

Additional features include adaptive HEVC (H.265/HEVC compression), network blending of up to eight connections (3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet & portable satellite), high-motion content capture (20Mb/s via Ethernet), selectable latency (1.5/3.0/8.0 seconds or custom from 0.8-20 seconds), and dual encoding with 85GB of storage with up to 32 hours of HD recording. The PathWay is also backwards compatible with non-HEVC Dejero receivers and features multichannel audio and auto detection.


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