LYNX Technik

Terminal Equipment Manufacturer

LYNX Technik specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality terminal equipment or “Glueware” for use in the Television Broadcast and Pro Audio Video marketplaces. Their product portfolio addresses almost any interfacing need, from the simple, low cost throw down yellobrik to the fully integrated Series 5000 studio installations. In addition, LYNX Technik launched their unique greenMachine concept in 2016.

LYNX Technik provides reliable, flexible and multi-format solutions:



These “brick-style” modules are packed with reliable, technically proficient features. They provide utility, basic fiber and CWDM fiber solutions, all installed in a 19″ rack frame. A variety of solutions is available:


Video Conversion

Based on specific needs, these yellobrik converters can offer 4K HDMI to 12G SDI conversion, standard HDMI to SDI conversion or 3Gbit SDI to HDMI with 3D support, frame synchronization, or bi-directional single-link to quad-link conversion. Additional video conversion yellobriks include a 3Gbit SDI/HDMI H.264 streamer and recorder, a 3Gbit SDI to HDMI quad split with 4K monitoring capabilities, and an HD/SD sync pulse generator with Genlock.

Video Distribution

These distribution amplifiers offer a variety of solutions, including wide band 1>4 analog video/sync, 12G SDI 1>7, 12G SDI 2x 1>3, 3Gbit 1>7 reclocking SDI and dual channel 1>3 SDI.

Frame Synchronizers

In this category of yellobriks, solutions include either an HDMI to SDI converter with a frame synchronizer or a 3Gbit SDI frame synchronizer with an up/down/cross converter.


Embed / De-embedding

These yellobriks include an AI-based instant dialogue cleaner, filter & amplifier, an analog audio embedder/de-embedder, or an AES audio embedder/de-embedder with both an unbalanced and balanced AES option.


Sync Pulse Generators

Generate Bi- and Tri-level sync signals with Genlock for almost any SD/HD standard.

Fiber Conversion

This category of yellobriks offers over 30 unique solutions of transmitters, receivers, transceivers and transmission systems. Options for transmitters / receivers include:

  • Dual channel 12Gbit SDI to fiber* (CWDM)
  • Dual channel 12Gbit SDI to fiber / fiber to SDI
  • Dual 3GBit SDI to fiber optic* / 3Gbit fiber optic to SDI
  • 12G, 6G, 3G HD SDI to fiber optic* / 12G, 6G, 3G HD fiber optic to SDI
  • 3GBit SDI to fiber optic* / 3Gbit fiber optic to SDI
  • Analog sync/video fiber optic


A majority of LYNX’s fiber conversion solutions come in the form of transceivers. These include:

  • 10Gbit/s Ethernet to Fiber*
  • 12G Fiber Optic / SDI (CWDM)
  • MADI Coax to MADI fiber*
  • RS232/422/485 and GPI Fiber (CWDM)
  • RS232/422/485 Serial & GPI fiber*
  • Ethernet to fiber (switch)*
  • 12G, 6G, 3G, HD SDI/fiber optic
  • 3Gbit bidirectional SDI/fiber (pair)
  • 3Gbit fiber optic to SDI (CWDM)

*bidirectional also available

Yellobrik fiber conversion transmission systems are either 4K fiber or 8K fiber [1350nm – 1410nm or 1270nm – 1330nm].


Optical Switch

The OSW 1022 optical 2×2 switch is a compact 1 slot yellobrik module offering connection paths between two pairs of fiber optics. It features:

  • Two optical connection paths: State 1 & State 2
  • Latching & non-latching modes

Rack Controllers

With two models available, LYNX rack controllers are designed to simplify the control of yellobrik systems.

RCT 1012 yellobrik rack controller features:

  • One slot yellobrik module
  • Supports control up to 12 yellobriks
  • Provides 12 USB A ports for connection
  • 4 x GPI connections for monitoring power supply status of RFR 1000-1

SRV 1000 yellobrik server module features:

  • System building block for use with LynxCentraal
  • Supports up to 256 LYNX Rack Controllers
  • Enables AutoControl and Custom Control in LynxCentraal
  • Facilitates system wide backups of device settings and restore at will
  • SNMPv2 and Lynx Remote Control Interface Protocol support for third party control software
  • 1 x RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet connection

Series 5000

Robust Rack & Card Based

The Series 5000 is a 2RU Rack Frame terminal equipment solution configurable with a wide range of compact CardModules. It provides CWDM fiber solutions as well as a networked, centralised control system.

The Series 5000 handles audio distribution, conversion and processing, plus video distribution, conversion, embedding/de-embedding, test generators, frame synchronization, down converters and video processors. These digital & analog video processing and distribution solutions include modules for 12Gbit/s, 6Gbit/s, 3Gbit/s, 1.5Gbit/s and 270Mbit/s.

Compact and utilising the latest technology and fabrication techniques, the CardModules provide unsurpassed performance, feature sets and reliability.



4K/UHD/12G Multi Purpose Processing Platform

The reconfigurable greenMachine is the latest, constellation-based video & audio processing platform. The FPGA processing unit has a specialized set of inputs and outputs and is able to operate at high efficiency processing power with low energy.

Thanks to different constellations (configuration of processing features), the greenMachine can be utilised in a variety of applications. It can be used as a stand-alone processor or a system processor, controlled and monitored by either the greenGUI software or third party software.

Various constellations (configurations) include:

  • BIDI Transport : Bi-directional transport
  • FrameSync Quad : 4x3Gbit/s frame synchronizer
  • HDR Evie : Dynamic HDR > SDR converter
  • HDR Static : HDR <> SDR converter
  • Testor : 4K/UHD or 4 channel up to 3G SDI video/audio test signal generator
  • UPXD 3G : Dual 3G up/down/cross converter + Dual scaler
  • UPXD 4K : 4K UHD up/down/cross converter
greenMachine for Evie

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