Shade & Match IO Industries Cameras with CyanView Ci0

CyanView makes it possible to shade and match speciality cameras, such as those by IO Industries, with their Cy-Ci0.

Cy-Ci0 is a PoE camera interface module. Designed to solve the issues associated with using specialty cameras (cabling, incompatible equipment, lack of connections), CiO utilizes a single IP connection to power and control small cameras directly.


The IO Industries 4KSDI-Mini is the perfect example of this type of compact, one-piece camera. The 4KSDI-Mini is a 12G-SDI HDR camera with 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI output formats. It has a 4K/UHD output or a scaled 2K/HD output.

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4KSDI-Mini with MFT mount by IO Industries Now Available!

IO Industries releases their newest model of 4KSDI-Mini camera, now with Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens mount!

IOI_ 4KSDI-Mini- MFT mount_double_TEVIOS

Thanks to this popular mount, a variety of lens can be used with the 4KSDI-Mini (1″ global shutter sensor). While it is a passive MFT mount, multiple MFT lenses & adapters can be utilized including MFT-to-PL, EF, F, B4, and C-mount to name a few.

Additionally, the MFT mount is compatible with very-wide fisheye lenses. This opens up the possibility for VR 180°/360° as well as other wide-FOV applications. Of course, 4KSDI-Minis with C-mount are still available.

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Video by IO Industries highlights Victorem 4KSDI-Mini Camera

A new video by IO Industries showcases the Victorem 4KSDI-Mini Camera. The 4KSDI-Mini is a 12G-SDI HDR camera with 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI output formats. Moreover, it features Sony CMOS sensors and has a 4K/UHD output or a scaled 2K/HD output. In addition, the 4KSDI-Mini pairs with the universal remote control panel by Cyanview. Check out the video below!

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