Infinity Surfing with the Colibrí Quad-Split KVM

Surf 4 HDMI sources on a 4K monitor or TV with one mouse and keyboard with the unique 4K Colibrí Mini Quad KVM by Craltech.


Craltech’s new Quad-Split KVM provides seamless connectivity and infinity KVM cascading capability. This processor revolutionizes the workspace with 4 x FHD HDMI inputs and a 4K output. It also features an intuitive interface ensuring hassle-free setup and operation for all users.


Colibrí, with its 4 controllable HDMI inputs, allows for unlimited cascading. Effortlessly control multiple displays from a single workstation.

Colibrí works in a variety of applications from control rooms to gaming setups.

Read the full specifications here.

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