NEW RCP-J by CyanView features Iris Joystick Controller

Introducing the RCP-J by CyanView: a universal remote control panel with an integrated, fully functional Iris Joystick controller.

First showcased at NAB 2023, the RCP-J is now officially in stock and available. The bottom section features ND, color filters, gain, shutter and quick scene file selection as well as iris/black/touchdown with the joystick.


The Iris Joystick is included in the RCP-J or, for users that already have an RCP, it’s available as an upgrade (RCP-J KIT). Cyanview_RCP-RCP-J-Iris-Joystick_TEVIOS

Additional upgrades include a new RCP GUI. Featuring a modern interface and new menu structure, seamlessly implement new functions found in high-end shoulder cameras and cine cameras.

Contact us for more information about the RCP-J with an Iris Joystick controller.

The TEVIOS 2023 NAB Show Recap

The TEVIOS team enjoyed a wonderful visit to Las Vegas last month for the 2023 NAB Show!


Here are just a few of the amazing innovations our partners had on display:


PHABRIX highlighted their all new QxP ST2110 and 12G-SDI Portable Waveform Monitor. This combined waveform monitor, generator and analyzer features mains and external DC power while providing all of the functionality of the QxL in a lightweight 3RU chassis with an integral multi-touch screen.

LYNX Technik

LYNX featured a variety of yellobriks including: 12G fibre converters (including BiDi Tx and Rx on single fibre, 4K HDMI > 12G SDI converter, 12G SDI > 4K HDMI, 12G Analogue and AES Embedders / De-Embedders, and the OSW 1022 Optical Switch. They also presented the RCT 1012 Rack Controller and SVR 1000 Server, and the  IDC Instant Dialogue Cleaner which provides enhanced audio channel and pre-conditioning for automatic subtitle (CC) generation.

Media Links

Media Links launched the highly anticipated Xscend IP Media Gateway. Xscend’s versatility, modular hardware approach, software upgradeability, and flexible configuration suit a myriad of applications. The Platform was even honored as an IABM (International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry) BaM Awards finalist.


Providius emphasized their Network Telemetry & Cyber Security for Broadcast Media Infrastructures. One exciting solution on display was their Broadcast Monitoring Gateway (BMG) high density analysis platform, allowing users to acquire, decode, and analyze a wide variety of media flows across multiple high-capacity IP interfaces.

Nixer • CyanView • TAG Video Systems

Nixer presented the RL256 Ravenna AoIP monitoring unit, CyanView showcased their RCP remote panel for camera shading, and TAG Video Systems won “Best of Show” from TV Technology for their new content matching technology!

Contact us for more information about any of the above solutions presented at the 2023 NAB Show.

Visit TEVIOS and our partners at the 2023 NAB Show!

TEVIOS and our partners are excited to travel to Las Vegas for the 2023 NAB Show! Come join us for the unveiling of next-generation technology in the global broadcast, media and entertainment industry.

From 15 to 19 April, explore the content lifecycle spanning from creation to consumption. Many of our partners will be presenting their latest innovations, including PHABRIX, LYNX Technik, Media Links, Nixer, Providius, TAG VS and CyanView.

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Booth #C4920

The portable QxP is a 12G-SDI, 25G-ST 2110, combined waveform monitor, generator and analyzer. It features mains and external DC power with a choice of V-mount or G-mount external camera battery plate. It provides all of the functionality of the QxL in a handy, lightweight, portable 3RU chassis with an integral LCD multi-touch screen.

LYNX Technik

Booth #C2616

Remotely configure, monitor and control yellobriks with the RCT 1012 Rack Controller and SVR 1000 Server. The IDC Instant Dialogue Cleaner provides enhanced audio channel and pre-conditioning for automatic subtitle (CC) generation. Additional LYNX yellobriks include: 12G fibre converters (including BiDi Tx and Rx on single fibre, 4K HDMI > 12G SDI converter, 12G SDI > 4K HDMI, 12G Analogue and AES Embedders / De-Embedders, and the OSW 1022 Optical Switch.

Media Links

Booth #W1421

Debuting at NAB Show this year, the new Xscend IP Media Platform by Media Links empowers connectivity of up to 128 high quality media and data services across both managed and unmanaged IP networks.


Booth #W3174

The RL256 Dante monitor is designed for operators to provide cost-effective monitoring across multiple networks with high channel counts. It has 4 x Dante ports (64 channels per port) totaling 256 channels being monitored at one time. The RL256 will be on display in the demo Ravenna Rack.


Booth #C1725

The Broadcast Monitoring Gateway (BMG) is a high density analysis platform – the 24/7 eyes & ears of both video service and delivery network. Acquire, decode, and analyze a wide variety of media flows across multiple high-capacity IP interfaces.

TAG Video Systems

Booth #W1542

This 100% software based monitoring company delivers the best quality video experience to viewers around the world. TAG supports over 60,000 channels across the four primary broadcasting applications: Live Production, Playout/Master Control, OTT and Delivery.


Booth #C6635

The Cy-RCP is a universal remote control designed to work with any camera. Incredibly flexible, one Cy-RCP can control an unlimited number of cameras while an unlimited number of Cy-RCPs can operate simultaneously.

Contact us to schedule a meeting with TEVIOS and our partners during the 2023 NAB Show!

CyanView Offers Solutions for Camera Shading and Control

With various updates and new developments, CyanView now offers solutions for camera shading and camera control including remote connectivity!

Overall, CyanView solutions fall into 3 main use cases:

Specialty cameras on broadcast productions

This includes the integration of “special” cameras into otherwise conventional productions. Examples include mini-cams, PTZ cameras and wireless cameras, all of which are in regular demand by production teams around the world.

Small Productions

The compact and versatile CyanView system is useful for smaller fly-away/”OB in a box”-type productions for camera tally and shading. A single RCP controls camcorders, D-cinema cameras or PTZ cameras.

Remote Production

Thanks to a completely distributed architecture, extend main camera control and specialty cameras to remote productions via internet and cellular networks.CyanView_UseCase_Overview_TEVIOS

Contact us for more information about camera shading and control solutions by CyanView.

Shade & Match IO Industries Cameras with CyanView Ci0

CyanView makes it possible to shade and match speciality cameras, such as those by IO Industries, with their Cy-Ci0.

Cy-Ci0 is a PoE camera interface module. Designed to solve the issues associated with using specialty cameras (cabling, incompatible equipment, lack of connections), CiO utilizes a single IP connection to power and control small cameras directly.


The IO Industries 4KSDI-Mini is the perfect example of this type of compact, one-piece camera. The 4KSDI-Mini is a 12G-SDI HDR camera with 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI output formats. It has a 4K/UHD output or a scaled 2K/HD output.

Contact us for more information about the compatibility of IO Industries cameras and the CyanView Ci0.

VP4 Color Corrector by CyanView

The Cy-VP4 by CyanView is a 4-channel color corrector that allows for shading and matching of multiple cameras.


The VP4  provides primary corrections (master/red/blue gain, pedestals & gamma and saturation) as well as advanced corrections (black gamma, detail/coring, multi-matrix, white clip and scene files).

These secondary corrections give access to higher-level CCU features needed to align cameras of different makes and models.

The VP4 supports four 3G HD (50/60) cameras. When combined with other control elements, this video processor evolves into a universal CCU.

For instance, correct video feeds from an RCP as if it were a camera CCU.


Contact us for more information about the VP4 color corrector by CyanView.

CyanView Launches Cy-NIO PoE Network I/O Device

The brand new Cy-NIO by CyanView is a PoE network I/O device, a bidirectional IO to ethernet interface.


Connect joysticks, stream decks or other user interfaces to the NIO or a single CyanView RCP. The NIO features 16 x GPIO.


Contact us for more information about the new CyanView Cy-NIO PoE network I/O device.

RCP Camera Shading by CyanView Explained

The CyanView RCP remote panel allows for shading of everything from specialty cameras (mini-cameras, PTZ, robotic heads, slow motion) and camcorders to remote production over the Internet.


The RCP is a multi-camera control panel providing shading over most types and brands of broadcast cameras. Setup and operations are both high-quality and efficient. Instantly access most camera settings with a touchscreen and physical knobs to effectively match any number of cameras.

In addition to camera control, the RCP controls routers (automatic preview switching), color correctors (standalone or combined devices), router panels (following camera selected on monitor) and joysticks (PTZ and pan & tilt heads). All CyanView solutions integrate in order to provide tally, wireless, wi-fi, remote production , pan-tilt heads and gimbals control, motorized lenses, etc.

To summarize, RCP’s main features include:

  • Shading of any brand & model of camera
  • One RCP controls any number of cameras
  • Direct access to main camera settings
  • Internal & external tally support
  • Integrated shading of external color correctors
  • Integrated control of external lenses, pan-tilt heads and gimbals
  • PoE and all IP workflow
  • Plug-and-play
  • Frame to fit in OB/MU video stations

Contact us for more information about CyanView RCP camera shading.

CyanView Ci0BM Features Interface for BlackMagic Design Cameras

The Cy-Ci0BM by CyanView is a PoE camera interface module featuring an extra interface specifically for BlackMagic cameras.


An extended version of the Cy-Ci0, Ci0BM allows the control and colorimetry of BlackMagic Design cameras. This is possible thanks to the SDI/BNC connectors on the Ci0BM module.

Once setup in the universal remote control panel (Cy-RCP), the BlackMagic design camera becomes controllable like any other camera.


Additional features include:

  • RS232/422/485 & LANC serial protocols
  • 2 ports with BlackMagic SDI control extension

Contact us for more information about the CyanView Ci0BM interface for BlackMagic cameras.

Control cameras over internet & 4G/LTE with the CyanView RiO

The CyanView RiO (Remote IO) allows users to control cameras remotely over the internet or 4G/LTE and is the perfect companion for Bonded Cellular transmission.


While providing multi-camera remote production shading, the RiO works both wired and wirelessly. RiO is configurable as a regular CI0 camera interface on local networks. Assuming the LAN has latency, the RiO working mode is configurable over LAN in order to get any camera protocol to work over any latency.

With built-in camera control protocols, the camera connection stays stable no matter the Wi-Fi network conditions and latency. Once an internet connection is established, the RCP and RiO connect. Plus it’s plug and play, thanks to the Cloud Relay. When connecting over cellular data, some bonding video systems provide IP Tunnels or internet access points that can be utilized to link the RCP and RiO. It is also possible to add a 4G USB dongle to get internet access independently.


Remote shading helps when coverage requires multiple cameras or when operators need assistance. Thanks to RiO, users control cameras as well as other equipment remotely. When it comes to tally, RiO sends tally information directly into the viewfinder. Another option is to wire a small external LED in the viewfinder.

Contact us for more information about the CyanView RiO – control cameras over internet and 4G/LTE.