Intinor Transport Protocol for Bonding, Redundancy & Error Correction

Bifrost Reliable Transport (BRT) by Intinor is a transport protocol for bonding (LAN, 3G/4G or satellite), error correction and redundancy.

Combining BRT with Intinor’s robust, easy-to-use hardware creates the best solution for live video over internet. For instance, an Intinor Direkt link encoder with the network bonding algorithms in the BRT protocol balances the load over multiple Internet connections. Wifi and/or fixed Internet connections can be combined with one or more 3G/4G wireless networks and KA satellite connections. Network bonding enables higher bandwidth and robustness through redundancy.


Bifrost is a UDP-based transport protocol with forward error correction (FEC) & re-sending (ARQ). By utilizing FEC and ARQ together, Bifrost provides the best possible error correction for low latency and high latency applications.

Not only is Bifrost a reliable solution, it is also cost-efficient.

Additional features include:

  • Adaptive bitrate and resolution
  • Redundant audio
  • Receiver bonding

Learn more about the Intinor transport protocol for bonding, redundancy and error correction in this video:

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