Latest BirdDog Firmware Updates now available

BirdDog has recently rolled out multiple firmware updates for its FLEX 4K Family, 4K Family, Mini NDI, Studio NDI, PTZ Keyboard, and Eyes Series.

BirdDog firmware updates _4kFamily-specs_TEVIOS

As part of the FLEX 4K Family, BirdDog is offering firmware updates on its FLEX 4K IN and FLEX 4K BACKPACK. The 4K Family Firmware updates are currently available on the 4K HDMI and the 4K 12G-SDI with the 4K QUAD updates coming soon.

Before updating Studio NDI, check the hardware revision number and carefully read the release notes.

Lastly, the Camera Firmware Eyes Series with updates include the P100, P200, P4K, P400, A200, and A300.

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