LYNX greenMachine Callisto+ with Dual-Channel Converter Configuration

The greenMachine Callisto+ general purpose hardware device by LYNX Technik provides simultaneous processing of two individual SD/HD/3G SDI signals.

When 4K is not required, Callisto+ is the cost-effective and entry level signal processing solution. As a powerful, general-purpose audio & video processing device, it performs various functions using one of the greenMachine configurations/constellations. One such constellation is the the two channel 3G SDI up/down/cross converter, 2CUPXD.


GMC-2CUPXD converts between SD, HD and 3G video formats. It is fully featured and includes a frame synchronizer, 3G scaler, de-interlacer with motion adaptive filtering, embedded metadata management, color correction for gain, lift and gamma adjustment, plus additional video adjustment features.

Select and license multiple constellations with an option to “try before you buy” (with watermarks at outputs). This adaptability and customization helps to future proof the investment of the flexible greenMachine concept.

Check out the full data sheets for Callisto+ and 2CUPXD.

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SHARON 30/20 NDI cameras now available!

The high bandwidth NDI PTZ cameras by Salrayworks, SHARON 30 & SHARON 20, are now available.


While sharing many of the same features as the SHARON 360, including the same quality sensor, SHARON 30 has a 30x Sony optical zoom complemented by 12x digital zoom. It has enhanced PTZ operation +/- 172°/220° with a wide 57.4-degree viewing angle.


The primary distinction with the SHARON 20 is its Korean developed 20x zoom. This makes it a more cost-effective full high bandwidth NDI PTZ camera.


General specs:

  • Valid Pixels: 1920[H]x1080[V] (approx. 2.1 million pixels)
  • Video output format: 1920x1080i/p60,1920x1080p30, 1280x720p60, 1280x720p30, 720x576i50 (CVBS only), 1920x1080i/p59.94, 1280x720p59.94, 1920x1080i/p50, 1920x1080p25, 1280x720p50, 1280x720p25
  • Video output: HD/3G-SDI, HDMI, DVI, CVBS

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PHABRIX supports technology transitions!

Through its Rx, Sx & Qx Series, PHABRIX provides tools that transition from SD to HD, HD to UHD, SDR to HDR and SDI to IP.


As the industry continues to migrate within the ever evolving technology landscape, it is increasingly important to have reliable and agile test and measurement solutions. Broadcast facilities and engineers have to support a growing mix of technologies. PHABRIX is there to help in the adaptation and navigation of this demanding terrain while sill maintaining compliance with shifting standards.

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