Craltech Bre4K – 4K Multiviewer UNBOXING VIDEO

Bre4K by Craltech is a 4K Multiviewer that displays 4 x FHD HDMI sources on one 4K screen or projector.

In this video, Craltech Sales & Support Director Ana Campoy unboxes the Bre4K while explaining its many features.

Bre4K is lightweight, fanless and energy-efficient. The Ethernet connector allows for control remotely using drag and drop Remote Control Software (SNMP compatible).

Additional features include 8 channel audio level meters (embedded audio) with selectable format (vertical or horizontal), no audio/silence/no input & black image on screen alarms, markers & safety areas, aspect ratio selection (4:3, 16:9), quick control: encoder, real time color waveform & vectorscope per inputs.

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4craft Multiviewer by Craltech now available with HDMI

The Craltech 4craft compact (1 RU) 4K Multiviewer is now equipped with HDMI inputs in addition to SDI inputs. A combination of the two, HDMI & SDI, is also possible.


As always, 4craft features a high quality image processing engine with a low processing delay. Its modular design allows flexibility in creating custom solutions. It has 8 or 16 inputs (3G/HD/SD SDI and/or HDMI) and 4 x 3G/HD SDI outputs & 1 x 4K HDMI output.

The 4craft allows for quick control and fast configuration, thanks to its dual functionality front keyboard and encoder. It is fanless and energy-efficient, maintaining a low temperature while functioning.

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