TAG Content Matching at IBC 2023

TAG Video Systems displayed their latest innovation – Content Matching Technology – at IBC 2023.

With Content Matching Technology, detect similar content across two different streams in order to ensure correct, uninterrupted delivery to the proper destination.

How does it work? “By creating a unique fingerprint for each video frame and audio envelope and matching them across the entire media distribution party against a user-defined reference point,” explains TAG VS.

With this technology, identify and correlate audio and video uniqueness regardless of resolution, bitrate or frame rate, thus enabling a match between any points within the workflow. TAG can still identify and confirm identical and correct content, even after the content has been processed and manipulated.


Content Matching enables the following applications:

  • Frame-accurate latency measurement between any points in the workflow
  • Comparing quality and content accuracy across different feeds in order to compare distribution methods or alternative paths
  • Confirm ad insertion to SCTE messages with frame accuracy to assure & protect revenue
  • Measure, validate A/V alignment and audio channel drift at any point within the workflow

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New 12G SDI Audio Embedders/De-Embedders by LYNX

LYNX recently released two 12G SDI Audio Embedders/De-Embedders: PDM 1484 B (BNC audio connection) for unbalanced AES audio and PDM 1484 D (D-sub audio connection) for balanced AES and Analog audio.

These new yellobriks are perfect for applications requiring multi-channel audio handling. They embed or de-embed digital AES or Analog audio within any SDI video stream up to 12G.



  • 12G / 6G / 3G / HD-SDI and SD-SDI
  • Simultaneous embedding & de-embedding functions
  • Access to four audio groups (16 channels)
  • “Auto-black” generation mode: transport audio signals only, without an external video carrier
  • “Bidirectional Master/Slave” functionality
  • CWDM multiplex capability
  • Cascade or rack modules together to include more or extract audio groups from the video stream

Both PDM 1484 B and D support fiber I/O options, including 3G/12G-SDI standard plug-in SFP fiber transmitters, receivers, and transceivers. Plus, all 18 wavelength channels of CWDM are supported with dedicated SFPs.

Read the full datasheets: PDM1484-B & PDM1484-D

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QxP Portable Waveform Monitor wins Best of Show at IBC!

The PHABRIX QxP portable waveform monitor won Best of Show in the TVBEurope category at IBC 2023!

The QxP inherits all of the advantages of the QxL rasterizer including its extensive toolset and flexible architecture. The result is fully portable single/dual/quad SDI operation up to 12G-SDI copper, and SDI or 10/25G ST 2110 with NMOS over mono-mode/LR or multi-mode/SR fibre using industry standard SFPs.


The QxP also features class-leading waveforms and a rich set of remote access options.

The four Best of Show categories at IBC 2023 were TVBEurope, TVTech, Installation, and Radio World.

Congratulations to all of the TVBEurope winners and nominees, especially our partner PHABRIX for their award-winning QxP portable waveform monitor.

Thanks for a great IBC Show!

Thank you to everyone who visited the RAI in Amsterdam for the International Broadcasting Convention! TEVIOS exhibited for the first time at this year’s show, and we are already eager to be back again next year.

Our partners had exciting solutions on display, including award-winning test & measurement equipment, 4K monitoring units, server-based software, network telemetry & analysis tools, and customizable transport over fiber & IP modules.

Here’s a small collection of our favorite IBC shots:

Our partners:

AVT • Craltech • LYNX Technik • Media Links • Nixer • PHABRIX • Providius • TAG VS

PHABRIX to highlight Hybrid IP/SDI, 4K/UHD, HDR/WCG Solutions at IBC

PHABRIX will be displaying a variety of test and measurement solutions at IBC 2023, stand 10.C01.


Innovative new software features for the advanced Qx Series will be on display, as will the new portable QxP waveform monitor. This waveform monitor, with its capacity for 12G-SDI and 25GbE UHD IP workflows, includes a 3U multi-touch LCD screen and integral V-mount or Gold-mount battery plates.

Additional new features for the Qx Series include:

  • Full Range generation and analysis
  • Enhanced waveform analysis capabilities
  • PHABRIX patented DDR-based processing technology


The Hybrid IP/SDI Sx TAG and SxE will also be on display as part of the full Sx range, as will the Rx Series of 2K/3G/HD/SD rasterizers.

Read the full IBC 2023 article by PHABRIX here.

Contact us to make an appointment and learn more about PHABRIX Hybrid IP/SDI, 4K/UHD, HDR/WCG solutions during IBC 2023.

“Best in Show” for AVT’s New Video Feature for Telephone Hybrids

AVT Audio Visual Technologies’s new video feature for their MAGIC Telephone Hybrids won “Best in Show 2022” at IBC – International Broadcasting Convention!

Telephone Hybrids, also known as Talkshow Systems, convert incoming calls into audio signals which are suitable in the studio environment. Typically three different line interfaces are used: POTS (analogue telephone lines), ISDN or Ethernet interfaces using Voice over IP technology.

AVT offers multiple MAGIC telephone hybrids with this award-winning video feature:

MAGIC TH1Go – 1 channel

  • Single-hybrid with analogue audio interfaces
  • Digital echo canceller, AGC (automatic gain control) and expander
  • Pretalk via analogue telephone or second audio interface

MAGIC TH2plus – 2 channels

  • Digital echo canceller, AGC and expander for each channel
  • PC software with screening function
  • Pretalk function: connect up to two handsets or headsets

A “Pro” version as well as a new “Lite Pro” version also exist of the MAGIC telephone hybrids.

The RedTech News awards acknowledge “outstanding technological innovation within the radio and digital audio space.”

Contact us for more information about AVT’s award-winning new video feature for its MAGIC telephone hybrids!

TAG VS Wins “Best of Show” at IBC for MCS with Bridge Technology!

The Media Control System with Bridge Technology by TAG Video Systems took home “Best of Show” at IBC!

TAG’s MCS Media Control System with Bridge Technology was part of the winning entries in the TVBEurope category of Best of Show at IBC awards programme 2022. With Bridge Technology, MCS ingests a stream once then delivers an optimized version to multiple locations.

MCS is the newest layer of TAG’s Realtime Media Performance (RMP) Platform, a 100% IP, 100% software, multi-level, open-source solution that monitors, aggregates, manages & utilizes data-driven viewer analytics to provide users with the insight required to build performant linear media systems. In other words, it transforms how users extract and utilize their own data, giving them improved operational performance and customization. It serves as an aggregation engine, system manager and orchestrator for the data collected by TAG’s Multi-Channel Monitoring systems.

TAG’s Bridge Technology, powered by the MCS, enables the user to receive a source once (video, audio, metadata) and display it directly on any TAG system. It allows the MCS to talk to other MCS’s providing users a way of replicating signals and transferring streams. TAG Bridge then optimizes the sizing, format and delivery protocol to fit the configuration of numerous recipients, drastically reducing compute resources and optimizing the amount of network bandwidth consumed. This in turn frees up capacity for the customer.

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LYNX yellobrik Dialogue Cleaner with AI Wins Best of Show!

Lynx Technik‘s IDC 1411 yellobrik Instant Dialogue Cleaner with Artificial Intelligence takes home “Best of Show” at IBC 2022!

The IDC 1411 removes complex background noises, isolating speech and dialogue in live broadcasts and recorded audio. Unique to this noise reduction tool, IDC 1411 analyzes the audio content, allowing users a means to individually level the speech and background noise. This ensures crystal clear speech clarity.


It is perfect for live broadcasts, recording, editing & mixing audio in noisy environments. Additional uses include subtitle generating and general speech clarity improvements for hearing-impaired people.

This hardware solution is based on the Audionamix® Instant Dialogue Cleaner Software Plugin. It processes uncompressed SDI video formats via BNC or fiber, and AES based audio via BNC. Route SDI Output to fiber or BNC via the LynxCentraal control software.

Contact us to learn more about Lynx’s yellobrik dialogue cleaner with AI!

Nixer Displays RS32 AoIP Change-Over Switch & RP64 Patch Panel

Nixer launched their RS32 Audio over IP change-over switch and their RP64 (64 in, 64 out) digital AoIP patch panel at IBC 2022.


Simple and intuitive to operate, the RS32 provides 32 individual 2-by-1 change-over switches. Each switch has two inputs that can be routed to any one output. The switches can be ganged together in order to create a maximum 32-pole switch. The RS32 is designed for quick reassignment of critical audio sources in the event that a main source fails, making it easy to seamlessly route to a backup device.

The RP64 is a 64 Dante input to 64 Dante output digital patchbay. Connect any Dante input to any Dante output thanks to the intuitive interface. Effortlessly re-patch critical signals without the use of a laptop with Dante controller. When re-patching with RP64, it is near instantaneous.

Both the RS32 and the RP64 share the same compact 1RU enclosure. They can be powered via PoE on the primary Dante port. Plus, a DC input offers power redundancy, while a secondary RJ45 port ensures network redundancy.


Nixer also highlighted their existing product range at IBC 2022:

  • PD Dante: portable AoIP monitoring & diagnostics tool
  • RD Dante: quality assurance monitoring  & engineering positions
  • PLR64K: 2 channel Dante monitor
  • RL64: 64 channel AoIP monitor – now with Ravenna!
  • RL256 Series: 4 base models offering up to 256 channels of mixed Dante & Ravenna in a single 1RU frame

Contact us for more information about the Nixer RS32 change-over switch and RP64 digital AoIP patch panel.

Thanks for visiting IBC 2022!

And just like that another IBC is behind us! Thank you to everyone who came and visited us & our incredible partners. It was an exciting weekend filled with new broadcast & telecom solutions:

PHABRIX introduced their new QxP “portable QxL” rasterizer.

Lynx Technik took home a “Best in Show” award for their AI based Instant Dialogue Cleaner.

AVT also won “Best in Show” for the new video function on their MAGIC Telephone Hybrids.

Nixer highlighted multiple professional AoIP solutions, including their RS32 Change-Over Switch and their RP64.


And finally Media Links launched its 4K JPEG-XS version of the MDP3020 MAX™ IP Media Gateway.

Contact us to follow-up on any of the exciting product launches from IBC 2022!