Expanded Partnership with Bluebell – Optical Transport Solutions!

TEVIOS is pleased to expand our partnership with Bluebell, designer & manufacturer of optical transport solutions, to Belgium & Luxembourg!

Bluebell creates customizable solutions for the broadcast, telecom and audiovisual sectors. With their extensive range of products, transport video, audio & data over long distances using fiber optic and IP networks.

Customization is a key component of the Bluebell philosophy. By listening to customer needs and maintaining a flexible approach, they deliver application-specific solutions on tight deadlines.


Solutions include stand-alone field deployable products and fixed installation devices including:

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Media Links “Media over IP” transport technology at IBC 2023!

Media Links will be presenting a range of media over IP transport solutions at IBC 2023, Hall 1, A59.

Xscend: IP Media Platform


Xscend is an ultra-dense, ultra-versatile media platform, designed for the network edge. As a reconfigurable IP migration gateway, Xscend addresses the migration from SDI-to-IP and IP-to-IP environments. It can accommodate changing video formats, network communication protocols, compression algorithms and physical interfaces. Support of up 128 media and data services across managed & unmanaged networks is possible in a compact 2RU chassis.

MDP3020 MAX: IP Media Gateway


This SMPTE standards-based IP media gateway is enhanced with support for two 4K-UHD/12G SDI video channels. Thanks to its flexible and modular design, respond to day-to-day application needs with JPEG-XS, JPEG2000, or Uncompressed Video, Audio & Data transport.

MDP3020 SFN: IP Media Gateway (Single Frequency Networks)


This IP media gateway is designed for IP distribution of digital television broadcast signals across Single Frequency Networks (SFN). MDP3020 SFN supports Precision Timing protocol, enabling transport of a synchronous time base without relying on expensive satellite receivers. Additional features include onboard redundancy, full scale network management support, and easy scalability with additional transmitters should the network size change.

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BMG by Providius on Display at IBC 2023!

With BMG Broadcast Media Guard by Providius, acquire, decode, and analyze a variety of media flows (uncompressed & compressed) concurrently across multiple high-capacity IP interfaces.

This high density analysis platform provides 24/7 real-time monitoring as well as simultaneous decoding and monitoring of multiple media types. It also features precision network packet timing analysis, NMOS IS-04/IS-05 support (for network discovery and patch management), and VM or bare metal deployments assessment.

IP Media Analysis & Visualization

  • Simplify complex packet & timing analysis with user-selectable apps.
  • Detect issues including packet loss, delay, and jitter

Concurrent IP Service Analysis

  • Acquire, decode, and analyze a wide variety of uncompressed & compressed media flows across multiple IP interfaces concurrently.
  • Detect & confirm compliance metrics (captions and SCTE 35/104 commercial insertion triggers).
  • Simultaneously support multiple 100Gbps network interfaces.
  • Continuously monitor up to 30 uncompressed services (ST2022, ST2110) or 100 compressed services (MPEG2, H.264, HEVC, HLS) at the same time.Providius_BMG_Concurrent-IP-Service-Analysis_TEVIOS

PTP Network Monitoring

  • Enjoy disruption-free operation thanks to an overview of all PTP clocks on the network (identity, stability, and dependents).
  • Identify active grandmaster clock plus detect changes and/or disruptions to PTP.

Real-time Analysis & Monitoring

  • Say hello to 24/7 “eyes and ears” on your media network.
  • Ensure that content is delivered at the highest quality, free of errors/disruptions.
  • Real-time event notifications delivered to external platforms as necessary.


Monitoring and Logging

  • Detect user-customizable impairments for each media service: audio & video essence freeze, black, and loudness.
  • Track and catalog errors over a long period of time with big data storage in order to characterize overall performance and availability per stream.

Providius will be showcasing their BMG IP media analysis platform alongside their network telemetry software at IBC 2023 (15 – 18 September, RAI Amsterdam) on stand 11.B05.

View the full datasheet here.

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PHABRIX to highlight Hybrid IP/SDI, 4K/UHD, HDR/WCG Solutions at IBC

PHABRIX will be displaying a variety of test and measurement solutions at IBC 2023, stand 10.C01.


Innovative new software features for the advanced Qx Series will be on display, as will the new portable QxP waveform monitor. This waveform monitor, with its capacity for 12G-SDI and 25GbE UHD IP workflows, includes a 3U multi-touch LCD screen and integral V-mount or Gold-mount battery plates.

Additional new features for the Qx Series include:

  • Full Range generation and analysis
  • Enhanced waveform analysis capabilities
  • PHABRIX patented DDR-based processing technology


The Hybrid IP/SDI Sx TAG and SxE will also be on display as part of the full Sx range, as will the Rx Series of 2K/3G/HD/SD rasterizers.

Read the full IBC 2023 article by PHABRIX here.

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Monitoring by Exception “Penalty Box” Feature for BMG by Providius

One of the key features of the BMG Broadcast Media Guard by Providius is 24/7 real-time monitoring, specifically its capability of monitoring by exception.

Monitoring by exception makes it possible to monitor configurable IP media-specific thresholds. This includes audio/video compliance such as loudness levels and signal loss (frozen/black video).

Additionally, identify IP-related errors including:

  • ST 2110 RTP transport disruptions
  • MEPG TS errors using ETR 101 290
  • HLS structure


Monitor multiple concurrent media streams on the network with BMG. And with its monitoring by exception “Penalty Box” feature, easily identify only those streams that don’t meet the defined thresholds.

Penalty box/monitoring by exception & analysis are important applications for the media stream analyzer by Providius.

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Xscend IP Media Platform Arrives at NAB Show!

Media Links launched Xscend, the all new ultra-dense, ultra-versatile 2RU IP Media Platform at the 2023 NAB Show!


Xscend is capable of transporting up to 128 contribution quality media and data services across all types of IP networks. More specifically, this platform meets the needs of migration from SDI-to-IP and IP-to-IP environments along with high density, low latency remote/distributed production applications.

Key features include:

  • Transport widest/densest variety of contribution-quality media across managed and unmanaged networks
  • Ground to Cloud (SDI to ST 2110 / TR-08)
  • Long distance or Local/Metro Contribution Networks
  • Remote/Distributed Production from any location
  • Expanded SFN Networks with PTP synchronization
  • SDI to ST 2110 Conversion/Gateway for In-Studio Applications

Xscend Rear Panel View: With variable module configuration

Xscend takes ST 2110, 4K/UHD, RIST, JPEG-XS, HDR, SRT, HEVC, and 25G Hitless Data and rolls it into one.

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Media Links to launch Xscend IP Media Platform at NAB Show!

The new Xscend IP Media Platform by Media Links empowers connectivity of up to 128 high quality media and data services across both managed & unmanaged IP networks and will debut at the 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas!

This ultra-dense, ultra-versatile platform will be compatible with the entire Media Links ecosystem. In fact, Xscend’s adaptable, media-tuned architecture supports software-defined upgrades. It accommodates evolving protocols, workflows, physical interfaces, codec algorithms and video resolutions/frame rates.

Key features of Xscend include:

Flexible Configurations

  • Multiple media interfaces
  • Video codecs
  • Managed & unmanaged networks

Multi-function IP Gateway

  • Various signal workflows
  • SMPTE standards
  • Network protocols (includes streaming)

High Density & High Capacity

  • Compact 2RU
  • Up to 400Gb/s bandwidth
  • 128 video/data services

Mission Critical Availability

  • Rugged design
  • Redundancy
  • Hot swappable
  • Remote downloads

Contact us to schedule a demo of the Xscend IP Media Platform at NAB Show in Las Vegas from 16-19 April 2023.

Customer Story: French university utilizes PHABRIX’s Sx TAG for advanced IP education

PHABRIX, a broadcast test & measurement innovator, has announced that its Sx TAG hybrid IP/SDI handheld device is being used for a broadcast workflow training program at the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour’s Institute of Technology (IUT) in France. Part of the Licence Professionelle (L.P.) Workflows Audiovisuels et Médias Numériques (WAMN) course, the post-graduate training is organized by Paris-based broadcast production services group Aski-da Taldea, which has loaned an Sx TAG from PHABRIX distributor TEVIOS.


Aski-da Taldea’s multi-decade history of providing production systems maintenance, design and training to the broadcast sector makes it an ideal partner for colleges and universities educating the next generation of engineers and technicians. For the past two years it has been serving as an industrial partner of the WAMN programme, which was established with the IUT and Bayonne-based company BTS Audiovisuel.

Providing the background to the course – which lasts one year and comprises both academic work and an apprenticeship – Aski-da Taldea Director General Mathieu Leizagoyen comments: “The concept of this degree is to allow students from audio-visual and/or computer courses to strengthen their knowledge of new technologies and, in particular, the latest media transport standards. When they have completed the course they will be well-equipped to meet the current expectations of broadcasting and AV production companies.”

The increasing prominence of IP-based workflows was among the factors that led to the selection of a PHABRIX Sx TAG for use on the course. Offering incredible versatility in a handheld device, it is ideal for IP (including workflows specified by the SMPTE ST 2110 standards), as well as 3G/HD/SD-SDI, optical SDI, HDMI and analog test & measurement.

“The Sx TAG is an ideal match for this course and is especially helpful in teaching the students how to administer an ST 2110 IP network,” says Leizagoyen. “It’s also a tool that they are very likely to encounter when they go out and do the work-placement part of their course. We have found that it’s very accessible and easy to use, ideal for collaborative work between students and educators, and therefore an important element of IP network training. We hope to be able to continue using PHABRIX tools for a long time to come because they really help us to achieve our training objectives.”

“The feature-packed nature and portability of PHABRIX handheld T&M devices has made them a natural component of broadcast & media training programs,” says Raphaël Meunier, owner at TEVIOS. “With SDI still commonplace but IP coming increasingly to the fore, it’s vital that students become comfortable with the next generation of emerging workflows, including those based on ST 2110. We are delighted to be able to help students at University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour do just that with the loan of an Sx TAG device.”

Press release courtesy of PHABRIX.

Introducing NVRT Vendor Agnostic Enterprise Software Suite by Providius

The Providius Network Visualization & Realtime Telemetry Dashboard (NVRT) is a vendor agnostic enterprise software suite that provides full network and media visibility across an all-IP, or hybrid IP-SDI, LAN/WAN broadcast infrastructure.

NVRT combines network telemetry and deep media packet inspection on a single display, allowing users to:

  • Discover what’s connected/disconnected from the network in realtime
  • Trace a media / PTP flow across the network
  • Confirm media flows are accurately routed on the switch
  • Track bandwidth utilization and flow metrics
  • Represent network routes as an XY matrix
  • Confirm PTP is locked where expected
  • Differentiate between a stream issue and a networking issue


Based on Linux, this software-defined networking solution incorporates a powerful and robust database in order to document and rapidly search any aspect of the operation. The system automatically interrogates live and dormant path connections, creating the most intuitive and data-rich presentation layers of a COTS-hybrid infrastructure.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight software for VM / bare-metal with multi-client seat dashboards
  • Auto Discovery of network assets & auto-mapping topology in realtime
  • Frequently used with Cisco, Arista, Netgear* and Aruba* networks

Read the full Providius NVRT data sheet here.

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Media Links “Media over IP” Becomes Latest TEVIOS Partner

Media Links, manufacturer and pioneer in Media over IP transport technology, becomes TEVIOS’ latest partner!

Media Links provides scalable edge, core, and software control solutions for Media over IP content (contribution) transport applications. Solutions are specifically designed to support interoperable industry standards while providing a bridge from SDI to IP infrastructure. They support existing and future formats and standards while offering users the toolset to launch seamless workflows that support their current and evolving IP networks.


The Media Links mission is to provide “broadcasters and network providers throughout the world leading edge transport technology, enabling them to move all types of professional media – including 4K UHD/HD/SD SDI video, SMPTE ST2110, audio signals as well as high bandwidth data – across multi-service Ethernet/IP networks.”

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