NEW RCP-J by CyanView features Iris Joystick Controller

Introducing the RCP-J by CyanView: a universal remote control panel with an integrated, fully functional Iris Joystick controller.

First showcased at NAB 2023, the RCP-J is now officially in stock and available. The bottom section features ND, color filters, gain, shutter and quick scene file selection as well as iris/black/touchdown with the joystick.


The Iris Joystick is included in the RCP-J or, for users that already have an RCP, it’s available as an upgrade (RCP-J KIT). Cyanview_RCP-RCP-J-Iris-Joystick_TEVIOS

Additional upgrades include a new RCP GUI. Featuring a modern interface and new menu structure, seamlessly implement new functions found in high-end shoulder cameras and cine cameras.

Contact us for more information about the RCP-J with an Iris Joystick controller.