Klover MiK 26: The “True” Parabolic Microphone for Extended Range

The 66 cm (26″) Klover MiK 26 parabolic microphone by Klover Products collects audio from an extended range. Thanks to its “true” parabolic shape, normal conversational level audio is captured from 150-180 meters away.

Klover_Klover MiK26 Parabolic Microphone _TEVIOS

Klover MiKs are staples in the sports broadcasting world because of their modular, easy-to-transport and customizable systems. Thanks to these modular designs, new features or replacements such as monopod/tripod mounts are easy to incorporate. In case of accidents, the microphone yoke and handles are designed to sacrifice themselves, protecting the collector dish. These individual, damaged components are then easy to replace.

The Klover MiK 26 is available as standard and tactical models. The standard model includes dish assembly, handles, cross bar, mic yoke and a neck strap while the tactical model is small enough to fit in a Pelican type case.

Engineer Paul Terpstra from Klover Products explains the features and benefits of the Klover MiK 26 in this video.

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Capture Professional Audio while Social Distancing VIDEO

The Klover MiK 09 by Klover Products makes capturing “lapel mic quality” audio while social distancing not only possible, but also safe.


Unlike a shotgun microphone, Klover MiK parabolic microphones eliminate background noise. They also remove the risk of contamination as interviews can be conducted from a safe distance. Check out this video by Klover Products to see how easy it is to safely record audio while social distancing.

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TEVIOS becomes Klover Parabolic Microphone distributor!

TEVIOS is now an official distributor of the Klover parabolic microphone!


The safest broadcast quality parabolic microphone available on the market is the Klover MiK. Each of the three models captures crystal clear audio from various distances. The models are available in a 66, 40 and 23 cm size in order to fit any application.

Klover_SoundShark_Parabolic Microphone Distributor_TEVIOS

Additionally, the Sound Shark, known as the zoom lens of audio, brings the audio technology of the Klover MiK from the broadcast world to small production companies, wedding videographers and enthusiasts alike.

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