Infinity Surfing with the Colibrí Quad-Split KVM

Surf 4 HDMI sources on a 4K monitor or TV with one mouse and keyboard with the unique 4K Colibrí Mini Quad KVM by Craltech.


Craltech’s new Quad-Split KVM provides seamless connectivity and infinity KVM cascading capability. This processor revolutionizes the workspace with 4 x FHD HDMI inputs and a 4K output. It also features an intuitive interface ensuring hassle-free setup and operation for all users.


Colibrí, with its 4 controllable HDMI inputs, allows for unlimited cascading. Effortlessly control multiple displays from a single workstation.

Colibrí works in a variety of applications from control rooms to gaming setups.

Read the full specifications here.

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NEW 27″ 4K 12G SDI Production Monitor by Craltech

The NEW 27″ 4K 12G SDI high-bright production monitor with QUAD View and HDR by Craltech offers stunning color reproduction with an energy-efficient, ultra-light design.

These CM270SLX12G monitors have 3840 x 2160 native resolution with high brightness of 800 nits. Not only that, but the monitors are extremely versatile. They feature 2 x 12G/HD/SD-SDI input connectors with active loop through, 2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI input connectors, and 2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI BNC connectors free configurable as inputs or active loops through. They also integrate 1 x 4K HDMI input and 1 x SFP Slot.


With the QUAD MOD capability, simultaneously display 4 SDI sources. Standard sources are accurately reproduced thanks to the 12 bit image processing engine, 10 bit panel, HDR visualization options and 3D LUT color management options.

Featuring a rugged and lightweight aluminum design plus wide viewing angles, this 27″ monitor is easy to integrate. The energy-efficient board design coupled with the LED backlight helps it maintain low temperatures while working.

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SLX-SERIES: NEW 3G HDR Production Monitors by Craltech

The latest SLX-SERIES of professional HDR LCD Production Monitors by Craltech features 2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI, 1 x HDMI and 2 free configurable 3G SDI BNC connectors.


With Quad MODE, display 4 x 3g SDI inputs on screen, or use them as active loop through SDI inputs 1 & 2.

For accurate reproduction of all standard sources, this new series integrates a 12 bit image processing engine, HDR pre-visualization (HLG, PQ, SLOG) options and 3D LUT color management options.

The SLX-SERIES also features a rugged and Ultra-Light aluminum design with wide viewing angle displays, energy-efficient board design and LED backlight display.

Choose from two different models: SLX ultra-light HDR 3G/12G and SLX HDR Bright 3G/12G. The classic ultra-light monitor sizes include: 18,5″ / 21,5″ / 23,8″ / 32″.

The high brightness monitors provide 600-1.500 nits of brightness depending on monitor size. Sizes include: 21,5″/ 23,8″/ 24″/ 32″/ 42″.

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LYNX Technik Debuts New Waveform Monitor & Vectorscope

LYNX Technik releases the new WFM 1801 – a portable, multi-format & multi-standard waveform monitor with built-in vectorscope and audio monitoring.

The WFM handheld diagnostic solution monitors, evaluates, measures and displays incoming video signal levels (up to 3G SDI). This makes it particularly beneficial in accurately calibrating signals from video equipment, comparing incoming video signals and analyzing general signals. This portable device is ideal for on-site, remote and/or at-home production.


The 5″ LCD touchscreen gives a preview of incoming video signals. More specifically, it provides monochrome waveform, vector and up to 16 channels of audio monitoring with various audio scale selection options. The WFM calculates and displays the SDI error counts as well as SDI cable length measurements.

Overall features:

  • 3G SDI Waveform monitor and Vectorscope
  • Waveform monitor provides timebase selection and parades of YCrCb, YRGB & RGB
  • Vectorscope provides 75% or 100% vectors & vector magnify
  • 1x 3G SDI input on BNC
  • Multi-format sync reference input

Review the full datasheet here.

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SL-SERIES 18.5″ LCD Monitors with HDR Support by Craltech

The SL-SERIES by Craltech is a brand new line of professional LCD monitors with HDR pre-visualization and an ULTRA-Light chassis design.


SL-SERIES, which includes the 18.5″ CM185SL-3G, features 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, DVI-D, CVBS inputs and an SFP Module slot for optional SFP Modules such as optical fiber or HDMI. For accurate reproductions of all standard sources, SL-SERIES  integrates a 12 bit image processing engine and HDR pre-visualization (HLG, PQ, SLOG) and 3D LUT color management options.

The chassis is ultra-lightweight aluminum. Like all SL-SERIES monitors, the 18.5″ integrates LED backlight displays with wide viewing angles. And the board design is energy-efficient.

To summarize the key features:

  • 18,5″ Ultra-Light Chassis LED Backlight LCD Monitor
  • 2 x 3G SDI Inputs
  • HDMI, SFP Module slot and CVBS inputs
  • Hardware based (NO Pc, NO hard-drive)
  • Space-saving, fanless, energy-efficient and lightweight aluminium design
  • Rugged and user friendly system for easy integration
  • 12 bit image processing

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Up to 40% OFF Promotion on the 21,5″ Multiformat LCD Monitor by Craltech!

As part of the Wonder Weeks promotion by Craltech, take up to 40% off the CM215SFX-3G 21,5” Multiformat LCD Monitor!

Monitor Promotion Craltech

Part of the SFX Series, this 21,5″ monitor provides advanced features with maximum flexibility. In addition to being a high quality 12 bit video processor, the CM215SFX-3G has 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, CVBS inputs and an SFP Module slot.

General features include:

– 21.5″ IPS LED Backlight LCD Monitor

– 1920 x 1080 pixels IPS LED Backlight display

– Brightness: 250 cd/m²

– Contrast: 1000:1

– 178,178 Wide viewing angles

– 2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI Autosensing inputs with active loop through

– 1 x HDMI + 1 x SFP Module slot + 1 x CVBS inputs

– 12 bit image processing

– Built-in Audio Desembedder, 16 channel Audio Level Meters

– UMD & Tally

– Real time color Waveform & Vectorscope / Focus assist / False color / 1:1 Pixel Mapping / etc.

– Rugged and lightweight aluminum design

Full specifications can be found here.

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New 24” Full HD LCD Quad-Split Monitor by Craltech Now Available!

Craltech recently launched a new model of its professional 24” Full HD LCD Quad-Split monitors. Not only is this upgraded solution packed with necessary features, it is also 3GSDI with 900cd/m2, 3DLUT, and HDR.

Like all of Craltech’s Quad-Split monitors, the 24” is cost-effective and features wide viewing angles. They offer maximum flexibility and minimum delay – only 20ms, the same delay as a professional standalone monitor. The professional broadcasting adjustments included in the quad-split monitors range from UMD and Tally to Blue Only, Aspect Ratio Selection, Markers, Real-time color waveform and Vectorscope, color temperature adjustment (5600K, 6500K, 9300K, and RGB Gain & Bias adjustment) and beyond.

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