SAPEC Integrates SRT Protocol to Optimize Streaming Performance

The LAGUNA Media Processor (LMP) by SAPEC now includes SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol, optimizing streaming performance over unpredictable networks. Thanks to this SRT open-source protocol, the LAGUNA solutions can now carry out secure, high-quality and low latency video over public IP networks (internet).

SRT is an ideal solution for video transport over public IP networks, reducing the costs from UDP and FEC. Applied at the endpoints of the video link as part of the stream flow, SRT protocol delivers the highest quality and lowest latency video. It adapts to network conditions in real time, compensating for jitter and bandwidth fluctuations due to existing network congestion. Thanks to the SRT’s error recovery mechanism, packet loss is minimized and end-to-end AES security encryption is supported.

SAPEC_Laguna DUAL_media processor_TEVIOS

With this new feature, the LAGUNA Media Processor offers broadcasters even more possibilities. For example, transport up to 8 HD video signals multiplexed (MPTS) or independently (STPS) with one device (1U) over the public internet in low latency. Plus, store different layouts with the 8 signals configured independently as either encoder or decoder.

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LAGUNA “SINGLE” by SAPEC Completes their Encoder/Decoder Portfolio

The LAGUNA “SINGLE” is the latest H.264 encoder/decoder SAPEC adds to the LAGUNA family. This media processor is ideal for simple, 1-channel applications.


This versatile solution is easily configurable as either an encoder or decoder. Additionally, it is a cost-effective option for users requiring less processing capacity and interfaces.

Like LAGUNA’s older brothers (DUAL, QUAD & OCTAL), LAGUNA SINGLE also features:

  • One HW with different functionalities and configurable layouts
  • Encoding H.264/MPEG-2 HD/SD & Decoding HEVC/H.264/MPEG-2 (up to 8x Audio PID)
  • 2x SDI/ASI Interfaces & 4x IP interfaces with FEC SMPTE 2022-1/2 UDP/RTP Multicast/Unicast
  • Conversion SCTE104<->SCTE35 (Encoder & Decoder)
  • Hot swappable redundant PSU (AC/DC)

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The new LAGUNA DUAL media processor by SAPEC is the perfect solution for 1 or 2 channel applications (encoding, decoding or bidirectional).

SAPEC_Laguna DUAL_media processor_TEVIOS

Ideal for broadcasting in remote locations, LAGUNA DUAL joins the QUAD and OCTAL models to become the third LAGUNA multi-channel solution. As the DUAL is bidirectional, each channel can be configured as an encoder or decoder. Each channel is also completely independent in terms of profile, compression and bit rate. The DUAL offers total configuration flexibility along with the following features:

  • Internal multiplexer (MPTS output)
  • Up to 8x audio PID (stereo) per video channel
  • 3G/1080p (FHD) input
  • BISS 1/E encryption
  • 2x or 4x IP interfaces
  • FEC SMPTE 2022-1 / 2 UDP / TRP Multicast & unicast (2 streams per video channel)
  • FW / SW update through WEB GUI
  • Redundant hot-swappable (AC/DC) power supply

Additionally, all Laguna models now support SCTE104->SCTE35 conversion on the encoding side.

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Upcoming Webinar features the Sivac-ONE Media Processor by SAPEC!

Don’t miss the Sivac-ONE Media Processor webinar coming up on May 7th at 10h CEST. SAPEC will be presenting the new functionalities and concepts available in their Sivac-ONE family.

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The Sivac-ONE Media Processor (SMP) is the latest SAPEC modular video transport solution for UHD/HD/SD. It features encoders/decoders on HEVC, reducing bandwidth, latency, power consumption and space.

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Sivac One Media Processor Showcased @ IBC 2019!

SAPEC introduced the Sivac One Media Processor, a modular contribution solution for UHD/3G/HD, at this year’s IBC!


SAPEC has increased the capabilities of the Sivac One Solution towards HEVC UHD (4K) contribution & high channel density on 3G/HD/SD. Sivac One consists of a 1U rack with 3 available slots, each one fitting a Sivac One Media Processor card (SMP). Each card can support:

  • 1x channel HEVC UHD (4K) Encoder
  • 4x channels HEVC 3G/HD/SD encoder

SAPEC_SivacOneMediaProcessor_EncoderDescription_TEVIOSAchieving in 1U a density up to:

  • 3x channels HEVC UHD (4K) Encoder
  • 12x channels HEVC 3G/HD encoder

Each SMP card incorporates different interfaces:

  • 6 configurable BNCs
  • 4x3G/12G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI
  • 2x IP ports 
  • 2x SFP

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