SDM Family by BirdDog: Integrate & Scale NDI to Screen

BirdDog SDM Family, the ultimate NDI experience integrated, is built on Intel® SDM platform and revolutionizes how content is distributed!

Install the BirdDog SDM module inside an SDM compatible flat panel display for an integrated & scalable NDI to screen solution. AV distribution is built directly into the display, no wall box or patch panel needed.


Choose from two SDM modules, controlled by the all-in-one BirdDog OS:

  • M1: Full NDI Sender & Receiver – based on Intel SDM-L form factor
  • M2: NDI Receiver – built on Intel SDM-S module

The modules support resolutions up to 4Kp60. RESTful API is also available for programming automated spaces.

Furthermore, add an optional Dante activation license for full Dante support. With this activation, M1 embeds Dante into the NDI stream and de-embeds Dante audio out of the NDI stream.

Contact us for more information about the BirdDog SDM Modules.