Dejero Hybrid Encoding Technology for low-latency, live video scenarios

Dejero Hybrid Encoding Technology is a highly specialized hybrid architecture designed for low-latency, live video contribution scenarios.


By utilizing a hybrid approach, Dejero provides the speed and efficiency of hardware as well as the flexibility, adaptability and upgradeability of software. The hardware itself is a fast and efficient encoder with field-upgradeable software. Together, this maximizes video quality by dynamically adapting encoding in real time.

Hybrid Encoding Technology works in tandem with Dejero Smart Blending Technology. They form an integrated system that adapts to real-time feedback about the blended connection’s throughput capacity and latency.

Specific features include:

  • Hardware-based encoder: ensures ultra-low latency, power-efficient encoding
  • Auto-scaler: maximizes resolution to reliably encode & transport
  • Resolution optimizer: incorporates complexity & connection feedback to determine max. resolution (spatial & temporal)
  • I-frame request: reduces required transmission bandwidth by only requesting I-frames when needed
  • Complexity analyzer: offers real-time feedback from the hardware encoder
  • Connection analyzer: offers real-time feedback about the blended connection’s throughput capacity & latency

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Smart Blending Technology by Dejero Delivers Uninterrupted Connectivity

Smart Blending Technology by Dejero combines multiple connections from various providers in order to deliver uninterrupted connectivity.

This virtual “network of networks” blends multiple wired (broadband & fiber) and wireless (3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, satellite) IP connections from multiple providers. Dejero manages the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of the connections in real-time. Thus providing reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity anytime, anywhere.


  1. Use Smart Blending Technology to combine the bandwidth of multiple network providers & diverse technologies.
  2. Access cloud resources (compute, storage, software) …
  3. … Or connect to resources at headquarters/datacenters

Benefits of Smart Blending Technology include:

  • Enhanced Network Reliability
  • Expanded Network Coverage
  • Greater Network Bandwidth

Take an in-depth look at Dejero Smart Blending Technology in the whitepaper.

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Dejero App LivePlus for Windows Offers All-In-One Solution

The new LivePlus for Windows Dejero app transmits high-quality video while simultaneously receiving two ultra-low latency return video and/or teleprompter feeds on a single screen.

This Dejero application simplifies the broadcast setup of reports and anchors working from home or from any remote location. As an all-in-one solution, LivePlus ensures quality broadcasts, transmitting high-quality, low-latency video with a live stream of up to 20Mbps and a latency as low as 0.8 seconds. Coupled with a Dejero CuePoint return server, LivePlus for Windows delivers teleprompter and return video feeds with latency as low as 250ms. Plus, Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology offers the option to blend Ethernet with a Wi-Fi connection for added reliability.


LivePlus supports the laptop’s internal camera, an external USB webcam, or the connection of an SDI or HDMI camera. The camera preview tile on the customizable screen serves as a confidence monitor for presenters and allows them to adjust their on-camera positions to account for overlays & graphics. The app also supports various audio options – IFB or return video audio and multiple wired & wireless earpieces.

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Dejero’s New EnGo 260 Features Emmy Award-Winning Technology!

The 5G-ready, versatile & durable EnGo 260 by Dejero provides enhanced picture quality and an incredible user experience. This new mobile transmitter weighs 30% less and features an 85% larger screen than previous generations of EnGo transmitters, while maintaining Dejero’s “ruggedness” and reliability.


EnGo 260 encodes, transmits and delivers high-quality video with low latency (0.8 seconds) over multiple IP connections. Thanks to its agility and versatility, it is the perfect solution for news gathering and sports coverage, as well as mobile video professionals looking to capture live events from remote locations – even while in motion.

Featuring Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology, EnGo blends up to 8 network connections including 3G/4G/LTE-A/SG, WiFi, Ethernet, and portable satellite. It supports 20 Mb/s video encoding & transmission and frame rates up to 1080p 50/60. The unique hybrid encoding allows the hardware and software to balance performance and power consumption while automatically adapting to content complexity. It features a one-button, sub 30 second start-up & automatic video input/format detection. With global modems and field user-accessible SIMs, operation is simple and efficient, making it ideal for international travel.

Additional features include optimized antenna performance, HEVC compression, simultaneous recording & live transmission (65 GB storage capable of 30 hours HD recording), and multichannel audio (2, 4, or 8 simultaneous inputs), all with an intuitive touch screen interface.

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