BN880 UHD ST 2110 Gateways by Bluebell

The BN880 range of ST 2110 Gateways by Bluebell offers multi-channel conversion between SDI and ST 2110.

Two variants are available: 2 channel 12G-SDI and 4 channel 3G-SDI. Each channel processes one video, four audio and one ANC data flow. Freely re-map up to 16 audio channels per audio flow.

Additional features include dual 25 Gigabit Ethernet IP media ports (SFP28) with ST 2022-7 hitless redundancy support.


Overall, the BN880 Gateway provides flexible ways to convert video signals to and from uncompressed IP. It is designed for use at the content acquisition end as an IP encapsulator for camera signals or as a decapsulator behind a monitor.

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PHABRIX QxP Portable Waveform Monitor at NAB 2023

KitPlus interviews PHABRIX‘ Phillip Adams at NAB 2023 about the QxP ST2110 and 12G-SDI portable waveform monitor:

The QxP fully-featured portable waveform monitor provides 12G SDI and 25G IP professional monitoring “on the go.”

This “portable QxL” inherits all of the advantages of the QxL rasterizer including its extensive toolset and flexible architecture for fully portable single/dual/quad SDI operation up to 12G-SDI copper, and SDI or 10/25G ST 2110 with NMOS over mono-mode/LR or multi-mode/SR fibre using industry standard SFPs. All within a 3RU form factor with touch screen and battery V-Plate option.

Plus, the QxP features class-leading waveforms and a rich set of remote access options such as NoVNC and the UI as a 2110-20 flow.

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PHABRIX Qx Series Software Release V4.5

The latest V4.5 software release for the PHABRIX Qx Series of hybrid IP/SDI, 4K/UHD and HDR/WCG rasterizers is here!

This free upgrade enhances the Qx Series’ existing ST 2110 NMOS toolset. It adds generation and transmission capabilities as well as enhanced configuration controls for the QxL. The release also features NMOS node status overviews plus access to an IS-05 JSON tree view for the Qx and the QxL.


Overall new features and support for extended UHD formats include:

  • New Network Packet Capture (PCAP) Option (PHQXO-IP-PCAP) for Qx and QxL: Dual Interface 10G / 25G PCAP
  • New EUHD Option (PHQXO-EUHD) for QxL: ST 2110-20 YCbCr / RGB 444, 8- / 10- / 12-bit, 47.95P to 60P Detection and Analysis
  • Enhanced NMOS IS-04 / IS-05 Receiver Reporting Functions for Qx & QxL
  • QxL NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 Sender Capability
  • Selectable Analysis of Ancillary time code type: ATC-LTC or ATC-VITC
  • ST 2110: Selectable Audio Analyzer Flow Modes 1 x 80 Channels or 2 x 64 Channels.
  • Improved remote operation allowing screen capture while running VNC
  • Reordering of Instrument Presets in Preset Bar

And finally, the QxL can now generate and analyze 10- and 12-bit PsF ST 2110-20 formats.

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