AVT’s MAGIC TH1Go Single-Hybrid Solution with Analog Audio Interfaces

The MAGIC TH1Go by AVT is a single-hybrid solution with analog audio interfaces. It is controlled via analogue telephone or web browser and includes a digital echocanceller, automatic gain control (AGC) and expander.

Two system configurations are available. The first configuration is the MAGIC TH1ipGo operated via the LAN interface as one channel VoIP hybrid. The second, the MAGIC TH1potsGo, offers one POTS interface and can be controlled via analogue telephone lines.


Additional features include:

  • Pretalk via analogue telephone or second audio interface
  • Voice disguise for caller identity protection
  • Recording of HOLD signal or external signal as HOLD signal

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NEW AVT Scalable Telephone Hybrid & Audio Codec Software Solution

The new MAGIC Server by AVT expands their telephone hybrid portfolio with a scalable, software-based telephone hybrid & audio codec server.

AVT_MAGICServer_ software-solution_Dashboard_TEVIOS

With MAGIC Server, MAGIC telephone hybrids and audio codecs are available as a centralized, scalable software solution. As AVT explains: “The integration supports all functionalities of the hardware system and integrates MAGIC Collaboration Services for MS Teams and WebRTC connectivity which were introduced at IBC 2022.”

In addition to the MAGIC Server Software, just a regular server or VM is required.

Two versions of MAGIC Server will be available:

MAGIC Server Basic

  • 1-8 VoIP telephone channels
  • 1-8 web operating clients
  • 1-2 studios

Integrate two stereo Audio Codecs and Collaboration Services such as WebRTC or MS Teams for high-quality audio and video transmissions. This makes two lines OPUS-, PCM-, WebRTC– and MS Teams-capable.

MAGIC Server Professional

  • 8 to 96 VoIP telephone hybrid channels
  • 24 studios with 48 application-specific web control clients
  • 48 recording booths (News Desks) for telephone interviews
  • 6 Intercom groups for communication with correspondents or remote stations

Use up to 24 channels for high-quality stereo audio transmissions (OPUS, PCM), and add 48 audio or 24 audio/video WebRTC / MS Teams collaboration services.

In other words, MAGIC Server Professional makes it easy to expand the system whenever necessary.

Witness this scalable telephone hybrid & audio codec software solution firsthand at IBC 2023, stand 8.F76.

View the AVT Catalogue to see various applications for MAGIC Server.

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AVT Announces MAGIC Collaboration Server with Video

AVT releases its MAGIC Collaboration Server with Video! With the MAGIC Collaboration Server, the MAGIC telephone hybrids enable connection to Microsoft Teams collaboration software. In other words, an integrated video signal joins the list of current functions.

The MAGIC Collaboration Server is available in a modular approach. Use it for audio only or with the addition of a video signal. Thanks to the Satin Codec used in MS Teams, the quality is independent from the network infrastructure.


At this time, Microsoft Teams calls are possible in the same, simple workflow as normal calls. The video signal is displayed directly in the user interface and can also be output via NDI.

Support for Web-RTC will be added later this year to make the MAGIC Collaboration Server even more versatile.

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“Best in Show” for AVT’s New Video Feature for Telephone Hybrids

AVT Audio Visual Technologies’s new video feature for their MAGIC Telephone Hybrids won “Best in Show 2022” at IBC – International Broadcasting Convention!

Telephone Hybrids, also known as Talkshow Systems, convert incoming calls into audio signals which are suitable in the studio environment. Typically three different line interfaces are used: POTS (analogue telephone lines), ISDN or Ethernet interfaces using Voice over IP technology.

AVT offers multiple MAGIC telephone hybrids with this award-winning video feature:

MAGIC TH1Go – 1 channel

  • Single-hybrid with analogue audio interfaces
  • Digital echo canceller, AGC (automatic gain control) and expander
  • Pretalk via analogue telephone or second audio interface

MAGIC TH2plus – 2 channels

  • Digital echo canceller, AGC and expander for each channel
  • PC software with screening function
  • Pretalk function: connect up to two handsets or headsets

A “Pro” version as well as a new “Lite Pro” version also exist of the MAGIC telephone hybrids.

The RedTech News awards acknowledge “outstanding technological innovation within the radio and digital audio space.”

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New MAGIC THipPro Lite Telephone Hybrids by AVT

The MAGIC THipPro Lite telephone hybrids by AVT are based on the THipPro hardware, but with a reduced range of functions. They are available with 4 or 8 caller lines and have two LAN interfaces used for control and VoIP calls (option). Alternatively, integrate POTS modules to provide 4 or 8 POTS interfaces for connection to analogue telephone lines. Enable the line interfaces via the VoIP & HD Voice option or the integration of POTS modules.


THipPro Lite has four digital audio lines (two AES/EBU interfaces) and two analogue audio inputs & outputs. An extension to eight digital audio lines (four AES/EBU interfaces) is also available (option), as are two handset/headset interfaces. Optionally, the AES67 upgrade allows the use of eight additional audio channels (8 x RX (2 streams) and 8 x TX (1 stream)) via IP. Alternatively, use a Ravenna or Dante module (option). Assign the audio interfaces as desired to 6 installed workplaces (one licence is included) and 2 studios.


Three Operating Modes

Use the system in three operating modes. In one fader mode all callers set to ON AIR are switched to conference/available on the selected audio output as a mixed signal. Automatically generate N-1 signal for each caller line. In two faders mode there are two ON AIR lines. Callers can be output on separate audio outputs or switched to a common audio line in conference. And finally in four or eight faders mode define a separate ON AIR line for each caller. Each caller is available on a separate audio output. Mix via the mixing console.

Finally, use the telephone hybrid for two studios in one-fader, two-fader or four- or eight-fader operation. Display only the selected caller lines in each studio with each studio having its own ON AIR and PRETALK lines.

Overall features include:

  • Digital echo canceller, AGC and expander for each caller line
  • PC software with screening function
  • HOLD signal: external, recorder or ON AIR
  • Support of Ember+ protocol and DHD SetLogic IDs
  • GPIO contacts
  • Dante/Ravenna/AES67 upgrade for additional audio lines

MAGIC THipPro Pure Lite

For those who no longer require conventional audio interfaces, the MAGIC THipPro Pure Lite variant is available. Use the optional AES67 software upgrade or the Dante or Ravenna module for audio connection.

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Preview New AVT Video Function at IBC!

AVT will present its new video function at IBC 2022!

Seamlessly integrated into MAGIC∙THipPro, this video feature will be available in all AVT telephone hybrid systems. With the click of a button, transfer video and audio signal to a video playout using NDI protocol. The video function is shown completely in a web browser, instead of in the classic MAGIC THipPro LAN Windows PC client.


Currently, AVT systems support video calls via Microsoft Teams.

Check out AVT’s latest developments for DAB, Audio Codecs and Telephone Hybrids in Hall 8 Booth F76.

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Telephone Hybrids by AVT Support Microsoft Teams

AVT is expanding their VoIP MAGIC telephone hybrid systems by enabling connection to the Microsoft Teams collaboration software.


Soon, calls made with AVT solutions via Microsoft Teams will be just as easy as classic phone calls. Plus, they will include all familiar features: PRETALK, HOLD and ON AIR. Search directly through the MAGIC THipPro LANphone book for MS Teams users within the organization. Displaying scheduled meetings makes participation simple and easy.

Thanks to the widespread use of MS Teams, integrate reporters and correspondents into live broadcasts in the best HD Voice audio quality.

MAGIC Collaboration Server, the new Windows PC application, runs as a service on a (virtual) server, establishing the connection to the MS Teams Server. A full version of Microsoft Teams, included in most Microsoft 365 plans, is the only requirement for using the feature.

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AVT Integrates Ravenna module

Just as most AVT systems have the software-based AES67 integration and the Dante module, now the RAVENNA module is available on select AVT systems!


Offering the Ravenna solution provides users the best possible integration in their studio environments. Integration into large AoIP networks is significantly simplified, thanks to the new module’s support of the NMOS specifications for Discovery & Registration and Device Connection Management.

Currently, the MAGIC RAVENNA module is available on the VoIP telephone ­hybrid­ system MAGIC THipPro. Once the module is equipped, 32 x 32 additional audio channels are available via IP, which can then be distributed to up to 32 network streams. Plus, continue to utilize the analogue and digital audio interfaces of the MAGIC THipPro.

Soon the Quad DAB+ Encoder MAGIC AE4 and the DAB Ensemble Multiplexer MAGIC DABMUX plus will also include the MAGIC RAVENNA module.

In order to guarantee high compatibility with other systems, the AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110-30/31 standards are also supported.

Finally, integrated stream redundancy for all ST 2022-7 classes effectively prevents interruptions in the audio signal caused by network problems.

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VIDEO Highlights Pretalk Streaming Feature on AVT Telephone Hybrids

In their new series Lukas Explains, Lukas Mahler, Marketing & Sales Assistant at AVT, showcases the Pretalk Streaming Feature available for all AVT Telephone Hybrids.

Telephone Hybrids convert an incoming phone call into an audio signal suitable for the studio environment. Three different line interfaces are often used: POTS (analogue telephone lines), ISDN or ethernet interfaces using voice over IP technology.

Check out the full video below:

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AES67 integrated into AVT Telephone Hybrids

By implementing the AES67 transmission standard into its telephone hybrids, AVT facilitates the integration of these systems into modern IP-based studio environments.


This upgrade ensures communication between AES67-compatible Ravenna and Dante devices. It has been tested with DANTE, LAWO and MERGING AeS67-enabled systems. Thanks to this upgrade, MAGIC TH1Go and MAGIC TH2plus provide four audio channels while MAGIC TH6 and MAGIC THipPro provide eight audio channels. Naturally, the existing audio interfaces can still be used.

This added functionality is provided in a fee-based software update. It’s not necessary to adjust any hardware. The only limitation is that AES67 cannot be used together with ISDN.

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