TAG Wins Best of Show for Content Matching Technology!

TV Technology awards TAG Video Systems‘ Content Matching Technology “Best of Show” at NAB 2023!


TAG’s ground-breaking Content Matching Technology creates a unique fingerprint for each video frame and audio envelope, matches it across the media distribution path against a user-defined reference point, and ensures correct, uninterrupted delivery. Thanks to this new technology, dramatically reduce workflow complexity and “eyes-on-glass.” Now confidently deliver quality content with fewer resources.

TV Technology’s Best of Show awards are judged on innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry.

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HDR Evie+ by LYNX Technik is a Product Innovation Award Winner!

Awarded by TV Technology, the greenMachine HDR Evie+ solution by LYNX Technik recently took home a 2020 Product Innovation Award!

HDR Evie+ offers a unique approach to HDR down conversion. Converting HDR to SDR, HDR Evie+ helps retain detail in darker areas and preserve detail in bright areas that would typically be burned out by other HDR to SDR converters. More specifically, it utilizes patented dynamic segmented frame-by-frame algorithms that use sectional dynamic tone mapping. This allows for individual segment adjustment (144 segments/frame) of the 3G or 4K HDR content in real-time.

The segmented dynamic conversion is perfect for demanding and unpredictable content. This includes fast moving subjects and high contrast conditions, content primarily found in news broadcasts and live sports.

Curious to see HDR Evie+ at work? LYNX Technik provides an interactive HDR down conversion demo video.

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