Discover the VP4 Video Processor by CyanView!

The VP4 from CyanView is a 4-channel, 3G-SDI video processor with primary and secondary corrections such as multi-matrix, white clip, black gamma, soft knee, and detail.


When combined with other control elements, the VP4 evolves into a universal CCU. In addition to the traditional primary corrections, secondary corrections give access to higher-level CCU features needed to align cameras of different makes and models.


While unable to change individual colors without affecting the overall white balance, the primary corrections can correct levels and black & white balance. The VP4 makes individual color correction child’s play.

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Check out Cy-RCP by CyanView!

CyanView designs and manufactures Cy-Stem, a universal camera control system that includes an RCP control panel plus small modules to improve and simplify workflow.


Compatible with all types of cameras (mini cameras, ENG, large sensors, etc.), CyanView solutions are plug and play creating neat, elegant and less expensive productions.

The Cy-RCP is a universal control panel (universal RCP) compatible with any type of camera. It can control one or more cameras in a transparent way. All camera configuration parameters can be manipulated from the RCP.


The Cy-GWY is at the heart of the system. It integrates the Ember+ control protocol and provides an interface to VSM and third-party video processors. WAN capacity allows for remote production, updates and support.

To date, the use of a specialized camera often results in additional wiring, incompatible equipment, lack of connections, etc. To solve this key problem, CyanView has designed the Cy-CI0, a generic PoE interface module for specific cameras that can be attached to or simply placed next to them.

From a simple IP connection, the Cy-CI0 directly powers the small cameras and controls them with cables suitable for all types of ports: RS232, RS422, RS485, LANC, TTL, DMX, etc. It can also be used wirelessly via WIFI or RF.

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