PHABRIX V4.8 Qx Series – Enhanced Waveform Analysis VIDEO

The latest PHABRIX demo video highlights the new features available in the V4.8 advanced waveforms release for the Qx Series.

With PHABRIX’ patented DDR-based processing technology, this waveform instrumentation delivers the fine detail needed for camera shading or image grading. It also retains the flexibility of real-time operation and supports SDR / HDR SDI and IP video formats.

“The new release offers a great deal of flexibility in how [users] use these instruments for [their] specific applications, be it grading, shading, engineering or even in MCR.”

New Advanced Features:

  • Overlay, Stacked and Parade waveform modes with improved dynamic range
  • Multiple standard display modes (YCbCr, YCbCrA, RGB, GBR, YRGB, YGBR, RGBA, GBRA) plus individual waveforms
  • Fully-configurable, custom display mode (up to four waveform channels)
  • Selection of vertical & horizontal scales with automatic adaptation in full-width mode
  • Production filter for operational visualization
  • Powerful and precise H & V magnification and panning controls
  • Connected Instruments: Waveform instrument cursor positioning linked to both Picture and Dataview instruments.
  • Connected Instruments: Vectorscope and CIE processing associated with the Waveform instrument.
  • Improved trace brightness, gamma and persistence controls with new individual controls for trace gain.
  • Choice of four trace modes (Color, Highlight, Green & Monochrome)

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PHABRIX adds Powerful Waveform Monitoring Capabilities to Qx & QxL

Within the V4.8 update, PHABRIX adds a new class of waveform monitoring instrumentation to its Qx & QxL rasterizers!

Thanks to PHABRIX patented technology, this class-leading waveform instrumentation provides all the fine detail needed for camera shading or image grading. Not only that, but it retains the flexibility of real-time operation and support for the wide range of SDR and HDR SDI and IP video formats.

This V4.8 release features a patented technique that efficiently delivers a high-resolution image processing pipeline with support for deep color sources up to 12-bits.


Choose Overlay, Stacked and Parade display modes, each including multi-colored, highlights, green or monochrome traces as options. Display YCbCR, RGB, YRGB, YGRB and individual components along with connected instrument cursor linked to Picture and Data View, and user markers linked to Vectorscope. Single Line Mode and H and V magnification are also available for more detailed inspection.

“Luminance Nits scales and operation user-controlled Nits markers are provided for SDR, HLG, PQ, S-Log3 and SR-live HDR formats, and Rec 709 and Rec 2020 colorimetry is supported over the wide-range of YCbCr:422, RGB:444, SDI, 2110, SD*/HD/2K/UHD/4K/EUHD formats for which PHABRIX is renowned” explains PHABRIX.

See what’s new in V4.8 here.

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AES67 integrated into AVT Telephone Hybrids

By implementing the AES67 transmission standard into its telephone hybrids, AVT facilitates the integration of these systems into modern IP-based studio environments.


This upgrade ensures communication between AES67-compatible Ravenna and Dante devices. It has been tested with DANTE, LAWO and MERGING AeS67-enabled systems. Thanks to this upgrade, MAGIC TH1Go and MAGIC TH2plus provide four audio channels while MAGIC TH6 and MAGIC THipPro provide eight audio channels. Naturally, the existing audio interfaces can still be used.

This added functionality is provided in a fee-based software update. It’s not necessary to adjust any hardware. The only limitation is that AES67 cannot be used together with ISDN.

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Nixer releases V 2.11 PD Dante update

Nixer has recently released V 2.11 for PD Dante! This update includes a new 16 channel horizontal view, an 8 channel view and an updated Dante menu.

Nixer_V 2.11_PD Dante_Update_TEVIOS

The new 16 channel horizontal view replaces the current 16 channel vertical view. Display long Dante channel names (up to 31 characters) and easily scroll up/down via the touch screen. For the 8 channel view, swipe left/right to easily scroll through the channels.

The updated Dante menu features the home unit displayed in blue. Now device sample rates can be changed in most modes and device names can be edited. Of course, this latest V 2.11 update for PD Dante also contains bug fixes.

Find the release notes and installation guide here.

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