Nixer PD Dante for On-Set Monitoring & Production Galleries

The PD Dante portable Dante network diagnostics tool & Dante audio monitor by Nixer is ideal for on-set monitoring and production galleries.

PD Dante provides a compact, portable audio monitoring solution for on-location productions such as reality TV shows. This clear audio monitoring helps directors and producers during location filming.

Select and mix any of the 64 Dante channels rapidly and intuitively without additional laptops – perfect for the fast-paced live environment. With PD Dante, add different channel views based on the number of audio tracks required: 8, 16 or 32 as well as the standard 64 channel view. This allows for larger and clearer metering.

And as work load increases, simply add additional PD Dante units to the inventory.


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Customer Story: French university utilizes PHABRIX’s Sx TAG for advanced IP education

PHABRIX, a broadcast test & measurement innovator, has announced that its Sx TAG hybrid IP/SDI handheld device is being used for a broadcast workflow training program at the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour’s Institute of Technology (IUT) in France. Part of the Licence Professionelle (L.P.) Workflows Audiovisuels et Médias Numériques (WAMN) course, the post-graduate training is organized by Paris-based broadcast production services group Aski-da Taldea, which has loaned an Sx TAG from PHABRIX distributor TEVIOS.


Aski-da Taldea’s multi-decade history of providing production systems maintenance, design and training to the broadcast sector makes it an ideal partner for colleges and universities educating the next generation of engineers and technicians. For the past two years it has been serving as an industrial partner of the WAMN programme, which was established with the IUT and Bayonne-based company BTS Audiovisuel.

Providing the background to the course – which lasts one year and comprises both academic work and an apprenticeship – Aski-da Taldea Director General Mathieu Leizagoyen comments: “The concept of this degree is to allow students from audio-visual and/or computer courses to strengthen their knowledge of new technologies and, in particular, the latest media transport standards. When they have completed the course they will be well-equipped to meet the current expectations of broadcasting and AV production companies.”

The increasing prominence of IP-based workflows was among the factors that led to the selection of a PHABRIX Sx TAG for use on the course. Offering incredible versatility in a handheld device, it is ideal for IP (including workflows specified by the SMPTE ST 2110 standards), as well as 3G/HD/SD-SDI, optical SDI, HDMI and analog test & measurement.

“The Sx TAG is an ideal match for this course and is especially helpful in teaching the students how to administer an ST 2110 IP network,” says Leizagoyen. “It’s also a tool that they are very likely to encounter when they go out and do the work-placement part of their course. We have found that it’s very accessible and easy to use, ideal for collaborative work between students and educators, and therefore an important element of IP network training. We hope to be able to continue using PHABRIX tools for a long time to come because they really help us to achieve our training objectives.”

“The feature-packed nature and portability of PHABRIX handheld T&M devices has made them a natural component of broadcast & media training programs,” says Raphaël Meunier, owner at TEVIOS. “With SDI still commonplace but IP coming increasingly to the fore, it’s vital that students become comfortable with the next generation of emerging workflows, including those based on ST 2110. We are delighted to be able to help students at University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour do just that with the loan of an Sx TAG device.”

Press release courtesy of PHABRIX.

Nixer Audio Monitoring & Diagnostics tools in Broadcast

Nixer offers a variety of audio over IP monitoring and diagnostics tools, ideal for the Live, Install and Broadcast industries. Sound engineers, broadcasters and pro audio companies rely on these AoIP solutions for critical on-air monitoring.

Within the broadcast space, various applications include Master Control, Outside Broadcast and Special Events.

Master Control

With its intuitive display, perfect for rapid source selection, the RL256 Series shines within the demanding environment of a multichannel master control room. Monitor and mix up to 256 channels from a single compact 1RU frame across single or multiple networks and various AoIP standards: Dante, Ravenna, AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110.Nixer_AudioSchematicMasterControl_BroadcastUseCase_TEVIOS

Outside Broadcast

Nixer solutions provide precise confidence monitoring in audio racks of IP-based outside broadcast trucks, fly-packs and production facilities. Quickly select a source with the high resolution touch screens, clear metering and status information.


Special Events

Thanks to the unique routing and diagnostic capabilities of the PD & RD Dante units broadcast engineers have ready access to built-in diagnostic tools during setup and commissioning.

Additionally, host broadcasters utilize the PD Dante networking and diagnostic tools from multiple remote sports venues in order to route, configure and test systems that are located within their main international broadcast center (and vice versa).


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Customer Story: Notélé chooses PHABRIX Qx for advanced monitoring

PHABRIX, a broadcast test & measurement innovator, has announced that Belgium-based, French language broadcaster Notélé has purchased a Qx rasterizer to monitor a wide variety of content, including programming for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. The unit was acquired from TEVIOS, a long term PHABRIX distributor in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.


Notélé is a local TV broadcaster that specializes in French language content and produces a large range of programming including news, sports and culture. For its latest equipment purchase, the company required a multi-faceted rasterizer that included all the advanced monitoring tools they required, plus full operational flexibility when transitioning to next generation workflows.

Arnaud Cresp, Technical Director, Notélé, comments: “We were in the process of developing new facilities for hearing impaired and blind people, and we were needing a tool to monitor the content from audio description, OP47 data, and so on. We were already a very satisfied user of the Sx TAG handheld instrument, so were familiar with the PHABRIX suite. Once we started looking at the various options, we soon found that the Qx supported everything we needed, with lots of opportunities to add additional features and standards support as our technology requirements progress. As with our previous purchase, I am delighted with the level of support they have provided.”


The Qx brings together all the advanced test and measurement tools required for transitioning to the next generation of video formats. Designed for HD/3G/6G/12-SDI and IP ST 2110/2022-7/2022-6 environments, the instrument set includes tools for rapid fault diagnosis, compliance monitoring and product development. The Qx’s core SDI toolset delivers media analysis tools for broadcast operator HD-SDI environments, including picture view, advanced waveform analysis, vectorscope, 32-channel audio metering and ANC status.

Raphaël Meunier, owner of TEVIOS, comments: “When Notélé came to us, it was very clear that they required a powerful rasterizer with a lot of tools built in. As a long-term PHABRIX user, Notélé were highly impressed that the Qx offered all the functionality they required and more.”


Press release courtesy of PHABRIX.

PLR64K by Nixer Used in Language Commentary Position

The PLR64K by Nixer is a 64 channel Dante network monitor that makes it possible to access two independently selectable sources via a simple remote control panel.



This remote controller’s primary function is to independently select each output from the incoming Dante stream.
The wall plate remote controller is equipped with:
  • one OLED display displaying the selected channel name & the output signal level
  • a pair of switches per output for channel selection from the list of available Dante channels
  • 3 pin male XLR per output for headsets

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BirdDog’s Innovative Solutions Highlighted in Remote Production Application!

The Belgian broadcast media company MediAVentures is thrilled with their recently acquired suite of BirdDog NDI solutions from TEVIOS!


MediAVentures’ focus is on creating audiovisual productions for the medical, more adventurous world. For mediAVentures’ remote setup, they use 3x Studio NDI (for medical feeds), 1x Mini (for return monitor), and 3x P200 controlled by the PTZ keyboard. And thanks to BirdDog Cloud 2.0, they can connect two locations between Germany and Belgium.



Thanks to mediAVentures for their trust! This is a great remote production application using BirdDog’s innovative solutions!

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