4craft by Craltech: The Professional 4K Modular Multiviewer

The Craltech 4craft is a compact (1 RU) 4K Multiviewer offering a high quality image processing engine with a low processing delay.

Craltech 4craft Modular Multivier - TEVIOS

The modular design allows the 4craft to create custom solutions with up to 16 (3G/HD/SD SDI) inputs, up to 4 (3G/HD/SD SDI) outputs, and 1 HDMI 4K output. It also displays all inputs on-screen simultaneously in any size and position. Up to 6 layouts can be stored in the Craltech 4craft.

An easy to use multiviewer with dual functionality front keyboard and encoder, the 4craft allows for quick control and fast configuration. Furthermore, with its compact and lightweight 1 RU aluminium design, the 4craft is fanless and energy-efficient, maintaining a low temperature while working.

Craltech 4craft Modular Multiviewer features - TEVIOS

Additional features of the Craltech 4craft include:

  • ATC & D-VITC Time code (SDI)
  • Markers and safety areas
  • On screen alarms: No audio, Silence, No input and Black image
  • 16 Channel Audio Level Meters
  • Real time color Waveform and Vectorscope per input
  • Tally and UMD, TSL 3.1 and 5.0 compatible
  • Free user friendly drag-and-drop control software and firmware update by USB
  • SNMP Compatible system

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