Andrew Searle, expert from IO Industries, unveils the game-changing Volucam

At a high level, IO Industries specializes in two main types of cameras, miniature standard broadcasting cameras and special cameras designed for unique purposes where standard cameras may not meet requirements. This includes volumetric video and face scanning cameras, which are utilized for specialized applications, particularly in the VFX sector.

Volumetric video, for those unfamiliar, involves capturing a performance and transforming it into a digital 3D model. These models are dynamic, capturing movement from various angles simultaneously. The multiple viewpoints captured produce videos that can be transformed into comprehensive 3D models, offering flexibility in camera placement post-capture. This is particularly challenging with moving subjects like people, necessitating synchronized video cameras capable of capturing the required footage.

Our Volucam cameras are specifically tailored for volumetric capture. They are compact, multi-format, and feature variable frame rates with internal RAW video recording, making them ideal for synchronized multi-camera video recording applications such as volumetric video capture studios.

Featuring high-performance image sensors from Sony and Gpixel, the Volucam offers resolution options ranging from 0.4MP to 26.2MP, ensuring crisp and detailed footage essential for VFX applications. The cameras also support electronic global shutter capability to eliminate motion artifacts, delivering smooth and precise captures.

In addition, the Volucam’s interchangeable lenses provide flexibility to adapt to different shooting scenarios, catering to the diverse needs of VFX projects. Fast 10G Ethernet connectivity enables rapid transfer of video recordings and streamlined operation, while multi-camera synchronization ensures precise timing essential for synchronized multi-camera setups often used in VFX production.

In summary, the Volucam by IO Industries is specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of the VFX sector, offering advanced features such as internal video recording, high-performance image sensors, interchangeable lenses, fast Ethernet connectivity, and multi-camera synchronization.

Andrew Searle – Product Manager at IO Industries


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