BMG by Providius on Display at IBC 2023!

With BMG Broadcast Media Guard by Providius, acquire, decode, and analyze a variety of media flows (uncompressed & compressed) concurrently across multiple high-capacity IP interfaces.

This high density analysis platform provides 24/7 real-time monitoring as well as simultaneous decoding and monitoring of multiple media types. It also features precision network packet timing analysis, NMOS IS-04/IS-05 support (for network discovery and patch management), and VM or bare metal deployments assessment.

IP Media Analysis & Visualization

  • Simplify complex packet & timing analysis with user-selectable apps.
  • Detect issues including packet loss, delay, and jitter

Concurrent IP Service Analysis

  • Acquire, decode, and analyze a wide variety of uncompressed & compressed media flows across multiple IP interfaces concurrently.
  • Detect & confirm compliance metrics (captions and SCTE 35/104 commercial insertion triggers).
  • Simultaneously support multiple 100Gbps network interfaces.
  • Continuously monitor up to 30 uncompressed services (ST2022, ST2110) or 100 compressed services (MPEG2, H.264, HEVC, HLS) at the same time.Providius_BMG_Concurrent-IP-Service-Analysis_TEVIOS

PTP Network Monitoring

  • Enjoy disruption-free operation thanks to an overview of all PTP clocks on the network (identity, stability, and dependents).
  • Identify active grandmaster clock plus detect changes and/or disruptions to PTP.

Real-time Analysis & Monitoring

  • Say hello to 24/7 “eyes and ears” on your media network.
  • Ensure that content is delivered at the highest quality, free of errors/disruptions.
  • Real-time event notifications delivered to external platforms as necessary.


Monitoring and Logging

  • Detect user-customizable impairments for each media service: audio & video essence freeze, black, and loudness.
  • Track and catalog errors over a long period of time with big data storage in order to characterize overall performance and availability per stream.

Providius will be showcasing their BMG IP media analysis platform alongside their network telemetry software at IBC 2023 (15 – 18 September, RAI Amsterdam) on stand 11.B05.

View the full datasheet here.

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