CRALTECH launches new compact Multiviewers

Professional easy to use 4K Modular Multiviewer

The 4craft is a compact (1RU) 4K Multiviewer with superior quality 10 bit image processing engine with low processing delay. The modular design allows to create custom solutions of up to 16 inputs (3G/HD/SD SDI) and up to 4 outputs (3G/HD/SD SDI), and display all inputs on-screen simultaneously in any size and position.

4K Modular Multiviewer video processor

Up to 6 layouts can be stored in the 4craft. 4craft is an easy to use Multiviewer with Dual Functionality front keyboard and encoder for quick control and fast configuration of the equipment. With compact and Lightweight 1 RU Aluminium design, 4craft is a fanless and energy-efficient Multiviewer that grant low temperature while working.

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