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LYNX Technik to debut world’s first automated “Frame-by-Frame” HDR to SDR conversion solution at NAB 2019

Lynx Technik will debut HDR Evie™ – an enhanced video image engine powdered by the Lynx greenMachine® multi-purpose processing platform – at this year’s NAB Show booth N2827!

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is considered one of the top key trends of 2019, and the demand for realistic, vibrant colors and enhanced dynamic range is ever-increasing. HDR provides viewers with a brilliant visual experience unlike any other. There is a demand for media professionals and broadcasters alike to implement HDR solutions to not only deliver enhanced content to the new HDR equipped displays, but also to provide equally stunning content to the vast installed base of the standard SDR displays.

HDR Evie™ is the world’s first system that uses advanced algorithms which automatically analyze and apply optimal corrections on a frame by frame bases in real time. This unique capability is the ideal real time production tool for sports or any live broadcast event in need of high quality real time HDR to SDR conversions.

HDR Evie

HDR Evie™ is powered by the greenMachine titan platform. GreenMachine is equipped with dynamic HDR conversions, integrated frame synchronization, up / down cross conversion, and a suite of audio processing capabilities.

greenMachine HDR Evie™ supports single channel 12G SDI 4K/UHD conversions or can be configured as a four channel device for 3G (HD) applications. Its 4K Quad 2SI inputs and optional 12G fiber I/O connectivity make it compatible with almost any system. Other conversion possibilities are supported including: 4K HDR to 4K SDR, HDR to HD SDR and conversions between HDR standards. HDR Evie™ also supports a variety of open standards for conversion, tone mapping and color gamut including HLG, PQ, SDR and Slog3.

HDR to SDR Conversions

HDR Evie’s technology is proprietary and patented. Visitors to NAB 2019 booth N2827 will be able to personally evaluate HDR Evie’s image processing performance using an HDR camera capturing live content at the show.

NAB Show

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