Motama introduces RelayCaster One for cost-effective live contribution over public Internet

At IBC, Motama has introduced RelayCaster One for reliable, secure and cost-effective contribution of live content over public Internet. The small embedded unit comes at one-time costs of 995 Euro and supports live streams in SD, HD and UHD.

RelayCaster One uses Motama’s award-winning solution for fixing packet loss rates of 25% and more. This enables broadcast-grade contribution over unmanaged long-distance Internet links and offers a cost-effective alternative to satellite links, dedicated links, fiber or CDN services.

RelayCaster One can be used as a pair of sender and receiver, or combined with Motama’s RelayCaster rack-mountable servers (1U) or software-only solutions for the cloud for multi-point-to-multi-point contribution.

Motama has also demonstrated its next-generation transcoding servers for live content. The CodecCaster NG product line supports IP based live transcoding for MPEG-2, AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265 formats with direct export of DVB compliant UDP multicast streams and Internet/OTT protocols. The new 1U and 3U servers offer up to 40% increase in performance at 0% increase in pricing.

These products are complemented with TVCaster (DVB gateways) and PolyCaster (OTT streaming servers).

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