NEW 27″ 4K 12G SDI Production Monitor by Craltech

The NEW 27″ 4K 12G SDI high-bright production monitor with QUAD View and HDR by Craltech offers stunning color reproduction with an energy-efficient, ultra-light design.

These CM270SLX12G monitors have 3840 x 2160 native resolution with high brightness of 800 nits. Not only that, but the monitors are extremely versatile. They feature 2 x 12G/HD/SD-SDI input connectors with active loop through, 2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI input connectors, and 2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI BNC connectors free configurable as inputs or active loops through. They also integrate 1 x 4K HDMI input and 1 x SFP Slot.


With the QUAD MOD capability, simultaneously display 4 SDI sources. Standard sources are accurately reproduced thanks to the 12 bit image processing engine, 10 bit panel, HDR visualization options and 3D LUT color management options.

Featuring a rugged and lightweight aluminum design plus wide viewing angles, this 27″ monitor is easy to integrate. The energy-efficient board design coupled with the LED backlight helps it maintain low temperatures while working.

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