PHABRIX new software release V4.7 for Qx and QxL

The new 4.7 SW release for Qx and QxL by PHABRIX offers many new features such as an improved remote access via noVNC.

It also includes an enhanced support for multiple ST2110 audio flows which allows to receive up to four flows simultaneously under NMOS control within which a function that can reconstruct a 16 channels source shared between four audio flows.

The QxL optional EUHD License now provides the capability to generate and receive
2110-20 flows, up to 4K60P 444:12 bit, at the same time. You can also select an ST 2022-6 flow in IP 2110 boot mode and perform several fundamental flow analysis.

Here is a summary of the new features:

  • Standard browser access to the User Interface with noVNC
  • Simultaneous receipt of up to four 2110-30/-31 audio flows under NMOS control with Audio Group metering.
  • Optional EUHD license now provides simultaneous Generation and Reception of EUHD 2110-20 flows
    up to 4kP60 444/RGB 12 bit.
  • Capability to select an ST 2022-6 flow in IP 2110 boot mode (QxL Only).
  • Updated Linux OS and kernel.
  • Support for exFAT-formatted USB sticks.
  • Ability to store last recorded PCAP File to USB Stick.

Contact us for more information about the Qx and QxL V4.7 by PHABRIX !