PHABRIX V4.8 Qx Series – Enhanced Waveform Analysis VIDEO

The latest PHABRIX demo video highlights the new features available in the V4.8 advanced waveforms release for the Qx Series.

With PHABRIX’ patented DDR-based processing technology, this waveform instrumentation delivers the fine detail needed for camera shading or image grading. It also retains the flexibility of real-time operation and supports SDR / HDR SDI and IP video formats.

“The new release offers a great deal of flexibility in how [users] use these instruments for [their] specific applications, be it grading, shading, engineering or even in MCR.”

New Advanced Features:

  • Overlay, Stacked and Parade waveform modes with improved dynamic range
  • Multiple standard display modes (YCbCr, YCbCrA, RGB, GBR, YRGB, YGBR, RGBA, GBRA) plus individual waveforms
  • Fully-configurable, custom display mode (up to four waveform channels)
  • Selection of vertical & horizontal scales with automatic adaptation in full-width mode
  • Production filter for operational visualization
  • Powerful and precise H & V magnification and panning controls
  • Connected Instruments: Waveform instrument cursor positioning linked to both Picture and Dataview instruments.
  • Connected Instruments: Vectorscope and CIE processing associated with the Waveform instrument.
  • Improved trace brightness, gamma and persistence controls with new individual controls for trace gain.
  • Choice of four trace modes (Color, Highlight, Green & Monochrome)

Contact us for more information about the Qx Series enhanced waveform analysis found in the V4.8 update.